Wednesday, November 4, 2009

In Solidarity With Uncle Zorro: Hold Your Head High, Old Man..

I ll be heading to Commercial Crime Department in a short while to lend my support to this grumpy stubborn old man. Nothing much I can do there except to show my face and give him the much needed moral support. You see, me and him have been spending a lot time walking our talk together. In fact, it's a little too much for comfort. Believe me, you wouldn't want to be around him to take his shit. Nonetheless, after all the long travelled journey, it's easy to form some kind of respect towards this old man. All you have to do is read his blog to find out why.
I ll stop here and start my journey there to meet up with fellow brothers and sisters. Meanwhile, you can get a 'live' update on Hawkeye's blog.


Antares said...

Hey, bro... this "grumpy stubborn old man" has a heart of 916 gold, heh heh... and balls of pure titanium! If only more Malaysians were like Uncle Zorro, this country would turn into paradise within weeks!

Anonymous said...

count me in

Richard Loh said...

Malaysians need to play a part in running the country and not just leave the politicians to do whatever they like.

You Need To Get Involved, Know What Is Happening & Going On In Malaysia

zorro said...

Duke, why you whisper so loud about me? You l0ooking for trouble? We settle in PD tomorrow.