Friday, November 6, 2009

Photography: My Date With Autumn (Prelude)

Photographer: Cheng Sock Meng


Antares said...

Very tender images, Duke... but Malaysia where got autumn? Taken overseas ah?

zorro said... by his sis in Germany. How did the cops and Murugiah behave. Did thy forbid you to blog about their visitation?

Antares said...

Hi there, Uncle Zorro! Murugiah's visit not inspiring enough to blog about. He's a smoothie, seems pleasant enough, even fairly intelligent - just hitched his wagon to the wrong donkey, thinking it's a horse. The cops will always behave like cops so long as there's no IPCMC to remind them who's the boss. I was lucky to have been questioned by a fairly charming young inspector named Yusnita - pleasant vibes, could do with some serious software upgrade, though! A couple of hours after Murugiah & his circus entourage left the village I had already forgotten about their visit. In short, it was all just to boost his flagging image and show the Orang Asli BN cares about them and they should never believe anything any tree-hugger says.

Patricia said...

Beautiful pictures, Duke. Thanks for sharing :)

~Covert_Operations'78~ said...

Great photos there! The spider web ones seriously rock!

Mr. Zorro! Ant! So glad to see you here! What serendipity! Glad to know all is well. I prayed to the Spirit That Moves In All Things for your safety.