Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Thank You For Everything...

49 years ago on this day, I came into this world just a day earlier to my Dad's 26th birthday.
Fast forward..
On this day, 21 years ago, I was jolted up from my sleep by my pregnant wife. " The waterbag has just gave way", she exclaimed. And there I was weaving through the early morning traffic barely 20 minutes after being jolted up from my sleep. I managed to get her there in nick of time. After she was been wheelchaired up to the delivery room, I parked my car and rushed up just in time to welcome the arrival of my second and youngest girl.
She arrived as a birthday gift to me. What more could I have ask for? A Gift of Life for my birthday present.. I guess Dad must have felt the same way back then.
Well, my little girl has just turned 21 today. Happy 21st Birthday, Samantha, with Lots and Lots of Love. Dad would have be 76 tomorrow but he left us slightly more than 6 months ago.. As for me, it is just another day like any day of the year despite hitting that 49th milestone. There wont be celebration of any sort. I believe Samantha felt the same from her facial expression this morning.
Nevertheless, I wish to extend my sincere thanks to all my friends and love ones for their special wishes especially to those who touches my heart one way or another.
Thank you.
Wishing All of You A Blessed Christmas and A Happy New Year.


Cruzeiro said...

Happy Birthday, Samantha!!
Good day to you to, Duke - you da man!!

Anonymous said...

put it like that, I'll let you off this time around but next year wont be so easy dukey!

Happy birthday Samantha!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday..next year as u turn 50 make sure u have birthday bash

Anonymous said...

Hi Duke,

Happy birthday to you and Samantha. Hiya, why no reminder? For the BIG 50, we have to do something.

Hugs. Lilian.

dyeve said...

A wonderful and a Marry Christmas! from all my heart <3
nice blog :)

Hope said...

Happy Birthday :)

old already huh? .. but dont worry, you are still handsome in my eyes :p

Happy Birthday Samantha :)

zorro said...

Duke, you are the type that I would love to have as my other son.

zorro said...

Gee, how the pieces fell together for you. You are really blessed...you, your dad & Sam.

OK next 22Dec2010 will be a blast. It is a promise.

Jude said...

Happy birthday to the both of you. May God's blessings continue to be upon you and all in the family. And..thanks for all that you've done this past year especially!

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Just letting you know that I've been here. Always have. Life goes on.

You are a strong person with roots so deeply embedded in the soil of goodness. Chin up!!!!!