Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What A November!

Yeah... I know I have been slagging behind. Only 5 postings for the month of November. Uncle Zorro just gave me a wake-up call last Sunday with a couple of queries from my readers. And here I am... still clueless on how to begin after conveniently laying myself off blogging for quite awhile.
Well, November month did not turn out as uneventful as my blog would have suggested. It all began with Uncle Zorro being called up by CCID for questioning with regard to the defaced PDRM logo posted somewhat more than a year ago. It was some sort of harassment if you ask me. It was borrowed from another blogger who have already been questioned and detained for producing and publishing that defaced PDRM logo. But why now after more than 15 months if it is not intimidation or harassment? The rule of thumb now is that you can fuck around with anyone else but not the cops as they are the real boss of this country. No? Go think about it yourself. Here's the hint: Our leaders are no angels and their balls are not with them.
I cant end this post without mentioning the Scorpion party. The Scorpion party was easily one of the highlights for November. There were a couple more of which one remains special and is best left untold. However, it was the Scorpion party which is partly responsible for the slag of this blog. It was an awesome party with the right mix of friends around. My mind was blown apart and scattered all along the beach of Port Dickson Yatch Club. And it is no easy feat trying to recover from that effect for a soon-to-be 49 year old man. Perhaps, it is time to slow down:p
Another party was thrown to end November with a bang. I finally get to taste Rodi's soto after missing it last Hari Raya Haji for some silly reason. I don't think you can find anything near hers. No MSG and it tasted superb. Count me in for the next Hari Korban do, Rodi...
Don't get me wrong here. All the above may sounds kinda partyish. It is actually a gathering of a group of people of the right spirit with a very different perspective towards life. With people like this around, fun seems natural.
All in all, it wasn't a bad month. That is if you set aside the political happenings and the stagnated economy. Politic has gone to a blatant low where it is not worthwhile taking heed except for the re-emergence of Bala and the attack on BTN. Wonder why everyone else remain so quiet on Bala? Non response means non admittance nor denial, I suppose.
Nonetheless, The Whisperer is back!


Fi-sha said...


Welcome back sir! :))))

Antares said...

Back with a bang, not a whisper! :-)

zorro said...

Welcome home Duke! With you bACK, we will shake down the thunder from the sky.

Anonymous said...

Hi The Whisperer,
It has really been quite a while since your last posting.
Very unusal of you. Are you alright ?