Friday, January 8, 2010

Here's Why...

I know I have not been active for the past 2 months or so. A short break from blogging turned out to be a long one. It is just a coincident that this short break coincide with the year-end where I normally reflect back and access my achievement for the year.
Sad to say, 2009 turned out to be a bittersweet year coupled with under achievement in many aspects.
Nonetheless, my year ended with a Big Bang. You see, I totalled my car in a crash days before the end of 2009. A Gang Bang... oops.. A Grand Bang, indeed! My car died but I survived unscratched. Thanks to my ever reliable old Toyota junk. Condolence to me for the demise of my car.
But that's not the reason which prompted to blog my first blogpost for 2010.
I have been following the recent upheaval over the use of the word 'Allah'. What a bunch of misguided gullible hypocrites! From an irresponsible Prime Minister who blatantly encourage demonstration to all those who will be demonstrating in a few hours time from now.
It doesn't takes a rocket scientist to figure out what his intention is. Way before and after he took over the rein, he has been bombarded from outside and from within.. Scandal after scandal have been exposed by the great RPK in exile through his MalaysiaToday portal. Several failures in stoking racial sentiment prompted this stoking of religious war. Umno, The True Champion Of Islam? No? Seems like this country is the only country in the world staking it's claim over the use of the word 'Allah'. So beware rest of the world.. Umno Malaysia is going to claim sole ownership over the usage of the 'Allah' word. As if they will be going to heaven for doing that.. It's all from the heart, stupid!! And not championing your faith through terrorist act in the name of 'Allah'.
That's the reason why I chose to be religion free. History has shown us that religion has been used as political tool by power crazy hypocrites of the highest order. It is also the gullibility of the people that allows them to do so.
I really wonder why are people so paranoid over Life After Death? Many would commit their entire lifetime searching through length and breadth just to be close to Him. But does God really exists? Yes? Maybe? Even if God really does exists, I see that there is no purpose for religion to exist. Many religion has come out with their propaganda and claimed that the only way to reach God is through their so called religion. That is why we get propagandas like The Only Truth, The Right Way and whatnot...
Sheesh! How gullible homo sapiens can be! If there is indeed God, God has to be wise and fair to judge. If God were to judge based on which religion you come from to be with Him, then I can safely conclude that God doesn't exist at all. It is about Right Or Wrong, come Judgement Day. God gave us brain and senses to experience and learn from Life. Not to be gullible to others.
With this informative era, I hope Malaysians today are educated and wise enough to see the ill intentions and wrongdoings of those who walk the corridor of power.
Time to Unite! Set Aside Our Difference in Race and Religion and Go Against The Evil Forces of This Destructive Regime.
This is the Only Way for Malaysia to March Forward...
This Fight Continues.. The Whisperer may be down but definitely Not Out.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Duke, thank GOD you are ok..let's look forward to an Anak Bangsa Malaysia year from now on...