Friday, January 8, 2010

No Road Blocks And No FRU In Sight Running Up To Najib Sanctioned Demonstration (Updated).....

In comparison to the August 1st anti ISA demonstration, the streets leading into the city remains free flowing without a roadblock in sight. As I moved towards the city some half hour ago, fleet of vehicles have already taken their position along the residential roads across Jalan Kucing directly opposite the World Trade Center.
As I take my position around the KLCC vicinity, I noticed there is an unusual amount of red t-shirts clad teenagers loitering around today. The theme for this particular group must be red and they are definitely not attire to perform their Friday prayers. Situation however remains calm for the time being with many unaware workers from nearby offices still herding towards KLCC for their habitual Friday window shopping.
No FRU personnel in sight for the time being as compared to anti ISA rally whereby hundreds of police force from various departments were deployed hours before the scheduled rally. We remembered clearly what happened then.
That's all for the time being..
Please stay tune if I decide to update further but it has to be at my discretion.
Update: 2:24pm
No untoward incident around KLCC vicinity. Business as usual. Same goes for Bangsar as reported by Rodi. No update from National Mosque and Masjid Jamek. Guess The Spirit of the majority is with The Third Force. Wisdom prevails. Let this be the message to those who walks the corridor of power..
The People has Awakened and The People Wants Change!
Enough Is Enough!


Hawkeye said...

Welcome Back you Whisperer.. Malaysians are all a beautiful lot except for the Umnoians who thought that they are supremo and could deceive the good people of this land, their deception no longer works and they are getting desperate.

Keep it up buddy.

Anonymous said...

CARS with rosaries & christian articles are being SMASHED now !

Antares said...

Thanks for the chi, Duke of Chi :-)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, The Whisperer. I guess I was a bit concerned when there were no postings from you on your blog in Dec. I see you are more than alright now and what a relief to see your postings again.
Keep it up !