Monday, March 21, 2011

Enter The Trojans...

The title is intended to be that way.

If you grew up during Bruce Lee era, you probably would have watch 'Enter The Dragon' at least 3 times. Yeah, that's how crazy people were over Bruce Lee during that era. I still remember going into a 5 hits cinema in downtown Toronto watching reruns of Bruce Lee's hits over and over again. That was a decade after. Of course, the feel was different than it used to be then.

You probably need to google 'Enter The Dragon' and find out what this movie was all about. Bruce Lee acted as the Dragon who took the opportunity to join a kung fu tournament to spy on an elusive warlord.

This sequel 'Enter The Trojans' is entirely the opposite. Acted by a bunch of nincompoops who stirs shit from within with intention to weaken and destroy their respective party.
Three years after the sweeping tsunami 2008, Pakatan is in disarray. The wind of change has fizzled off. Well, that's the perception of the general public if you take the trouble to go out there and listen. The mainstream media has been successful in the war of perception.
Have any of you ever wonder why and how this tide has turned out this way?
Well, certainly there is no smoke without a fire..
Why is the mainstream media able to paint a bad perception of Pakatan amid all the continuous blatant corruption and abuse of power by the ruling Umno regime?
If you have been following the turn of events closely, be it by-election or Pakatan itself, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to notice the sabotaging that have been going on.

I am not going to elaborate on the by-election issue here. It is too obvious to ignore the fact that the Trojan group (pro-unity) in Pas itself have been sabotaging the party itself. The issue of Islamic state (as if this country is not Islamic enough) would be brought up with perfect timing. And lately, the ban on gaming was brought up right before the Moneymau by-election

Lets now take a look at East Malaysia, particularly PKR Sabah and PKR Sarawak. PKR Sabah is history now. I remember not too long ago PKR Sabah was making some inroad into Sabah. PKR Central decided to send someone from here to head PKR Sabah. That decision alone sent PKR Sabah into oblivion.
The same can be said for PKR Sarawak.
With the recent explosive exposure on the ill-gotten wealth of Sarawak's Chief Minister Mahmud Taib and his cronies, the opposition in Sarawak appeared to have make a major inroad in instilling awareness among the Sarawakians. All it takes to bring them apart is to send an arrogant leader from the peninsular to delivery a arrogant speech. The same one that did the same to PKR Sabah.

Reform, my bollocks! What is their basis for this cry for reformation when they themselves cant reform away from Umno-styled politics. Fraudulent party election, money politics and whatnot!

That's the crux of this posting.
The Trojans within Pakatan's component parties have been on active mode. Yes, Pakatan is being attacked from outside and from within. This tells me that the 13th General Election is just around the corner. If Umno can splash hundreds of million on a buy-election, it is not difficult to splash tens of million to plant Trojan group within Pakatan. After all, it is the people's money that they are using to finance all these maneuvering.

Three years after Tsunami 2008, We, The Rakyat, appear to be caught between two evils. One being the confirmed evil through and through and the other is perceived to be as evil as the former. Perceived as in perception created by the Trojan and continuously hyped up by the mainstream media.

That's the scenario now. So what are we going to do about it?

We, The People, must exercise our rights to a 'Clean and Just' governance. Stay neutral and rid the mindset of requiring ourselves to be aligned to any political party. Don't allow our mind to be influenced by all these farcical political play.
Unite and Stay Focus. Our Fight is against Corruption

The people across North Africa and Middle East have shown us and our predicaments are no different from them.

We are fortunate that we get this chance to vote. Vote wisely.

Vote for Change. Vote against Corruption

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