Thursday, March 10, 2011

Postal Vote Engineering In Progress. It's Time To Do Another Bersih Walk...

Act Now!! Before It Is Too Late

Wow! BN retained Moneymau and Kerdau seats with bigger majority. It doesn't matter how they won it. They started with that strategy during Manek Urai by-election. Being the first, there was a miscalculation and they lost by a mere 65 votes. After that, it has been BN all the way except for Sibu.
Now the score stands at 8 a piece. That is exactly what Umno wants people to perceive. The ministers and their mainstream media start blaring away telling the people that people are abandoning Pakatan for BN hoping that this message would help rope in more fence-sitters across this land.
They may succeed in some way as they are still many gullible idiots or fortune seeking bastards around waiting for durian to drop so that they prostitute away their vote for some crumbs to be thrown at them.
Never mind if this regime is corrupted. Never mind if this regime imposed all kind of extra taxes, tolls, gst, duties or levies on top of the income tax that we are duty-bounded to pay.
But this is not the reason I am doing this blog post today.
I know I have been complacent. But that doesn't means that I haven't been following what that has been transpiring in the political arena. And be rest assured, this blog is not going to be complacent anymore especially with the 13th general election looming near.
There are many signs indicating that the next general election is going to happen sometime this year. Forget about the PM's and DPM's roadshow timetable which one of them mentioned that they hope to complete it by September. Sarawak's state election cannot wait till September. Given the vast advantage of their strength in machinery over Pakatan's, it is only logical for them to time the general election to coincide with Sarawak's state election.
One of the most worrying sign that caught my attention is the engineering of postal votes. There have been recent reports on the sudden surge in postal votes in Perak, Kedah and Kelantan. Why the sudden big surge? Can Election Commission comes clean on this? Wives and children of army and police personnel included as postal voters and they are carrying normal identity card?

First, they engineered the constituencies to their master's advantage. Then they engineered the population. And now, they are engineering the postal votes so that it would be enough to go around this time unlike Tsunami 2008.
Poor Shahrizat!
Poor Samy!

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