Thursday, April 14, 2011

D-Day Sarawak: Revolt Through Your Vote...

"Your Vote Will Determine Your Future And That Of Your Future Generation To Come."
Come April 16th, Sarawakians would have the opportunity to decide and choose a government that they deem fit to govern them.
It definitely wont be difficult for Sarawakians to make a decision if they take the trouble to look back 30 years.
Three decades after and many Sarawakians are still without basic amenities like electricity and clean drinking water.
70% of Sarawakians are still living under poverty in a state blessed with natural resources.
Billions of dollar spent on so-called development have failed to improve the quality of life of Sarawakians. It only enriched a small group of elites through deforestation which brought about all the flooding woes and further damaged the natural habitat which many tribes depends on.
Who allows this to go on for 30 years?
We have no one to blame but our grandparents and parents. Many of our grandparents and parents did not do their part for reasons only known to them. Complacent, selfish, fearful or plainly gullible are all just guesses. Probably a combination of all those mentioned factors and more. So much so to the extent they failed to see that we co-exists in this land call Sarawak or Malaysia as a whole, and it is our responsibility to help one another to make this country a better place to live on.
30 years after and we are caught in this situation. The trust that our grandparents and parents entrusted to a government to govern us had failed the people.
This betrayal has to be stopped. Don't make the same mistake that our grandparents and parents made.
Hope Can Only Come With Change.
This Is The Chance For Sarawakians To Pave The Path To A Better Future.
Vote For Change

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