Thursday, April 14, 2011

Judge For Yourself. Read The Statutory Declaration Here...

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A straight forward Statutory Declaration is being blown apart by our mainstream media. This just tells us how our mainstream media have been duping the people over the decades.
The main purpose of this Statutory Declaration is to urge those involved in providing these information to come forward so that the police can facilitate an investigation into the murder of Altantuya Shaaribuu.

There was no investigation by the police into this. None of those people involved were questioned. A defamation suit was filed against RPK instead. And RPK was ISA-ed.

So what is the truth here?

There wont be any truth without proper police investigation over this Statutory Declaration. Period!
Were those informers plotting against Najib? Or were they plotting to discredit RPK? Or perhaps what they said were simply the truth behind the murder?
But some of those involved managed to find themselves holding some position within Najib's organization. That says a lot about this whole episode.
But one glaring fact remains:Our Mainstream Media Sucks Big Time!

RPK: I don’t believe PM’s wife was at Altantuya's murder scene - The Star


Antares said...

Since 8 March 2008 the Star is desperately trying to outdo Utusan Malaysia. Can't believe people still buy that nauseating rag, what more read MCA's sleazy eunuch spin.

bunbinban said...

betul la RPK sebut. Kenapa nak marah2. Dan kena ingat, TV3 interview RPK baru2 ni...bila?. BUkan semlm, bukan kelmarin. Cuma tv3 kuar tv smlm guna utk raih undi. Korang tak pelik ke, RPK dah sebut nama2 informer dia tapi polis buat bodoh je. So RPK nak 'refresh' blk cite ni supaya org tak lupa psl sd dia.

Anonymous said...

Star Publication STINKS!

Anonymous said...

looks pretty straight forward to me. I suppose like all GLCs, TV3 will always employ the garbage of our country due to certain policies. And if the government has been paying attention, the Raayat don't care if someone went to Thailand for sex adventure or whether some fat momma killed her husband's seducer, (still, the law must take it course), we are are very much concerned at the inflation rate, which was under reported to be only 2.9%, the unnecessarily high car and house prices, the disgraceful racial affirmative action policies, the frivolous spending on military equipment, the degrading education system etc. I am sure if our politicians live like the common folks, they would have known all of this

Anonymous said...

Our politicians will not live like the common folks. We know it, we'd seen it but we still vote them in election after election!
Who to blame?
Look at Mahatir, a faked Malay, he blew the egos of the common Malays up so high that they could not see what happen underneath so he stole and stole and stole until he and his children are all billionaires.
We know this, we'd read so much of it. BUT, we still listen to him as if he is the only wise politician who had done nothing wrong.
Ah, why are we so gullible?