Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Marina's Birthday Celebration Went On Over Here In Malaysia...

It was a hot Sunday. I really wonder how those voters and campaigners in Penanti coped under this heat. Boy, aren't we glad that we have decided to give Penanti a miss. It is somewhat unusual for Barisan Rakyat Bloggers to give this a miss. But is it not more unusual for BN to miss a by-election? First time in their history or something like that. Nevertheless, we had our reason and believe me, it was a legitimate reason. Double 'F's was the reason. Fun And Funding weren't there at all. But somehow, Delcapo made it there on his own accord to bring us some tweeting news from ground zero that day. Well done, bro. You are the man!!
Anyhow, one smart alex decided to distribute his suggestion through text message and walla... an idea was born. Yeah, why not? Why not hold a birthday celebration for Marina here in Malaysia? We were thirsty then and some of us needed that excuse to get out from home or away from their spouse. Penanti win wasn't good for an excuse. But anything to do with Marina and RPK would get us everywhere. Hey, I am talking for myself at the very least. So you guys don't jump the gun and get offended here, k?
Anyway, the party went on fine with enough booze to quenched our thirst. Some old tales were shared after the alcohol worked its way into our system. Organic alcohol was not available that night as our supplier was caught up by an impromptu visitor.
We left at almost 2:00am. Feeling satisfied that we have managed to quenched our thirst while at the same time, celebrated Marina's birthday.
But, it can never be the same without them around. Somehow, we really missed their presence, be it partying or walking the talk or just a small gathering.
Life goes on as usual with hope that one day soon, we will be walking and partying together again. Just like in those same old days.
This One is for You, Marina.. May All The Best Be Yours...


KK said...

Happy birthday to you, Marina Lee, may your wishes come through.

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Yang, Such a nice thought put into action! :)