Monday, June 8, 2009

The Problem Is Not With 1Malaysia But The Abusive And Corruptive Government...

Halimah Mohd Said

OBAMA’S speech in Cairo has many lessons for 1Malaysia. One must admit that no nation can be more plural than the US.
It is unique in its racio-ethnic diversity and everything that comes with people and their groups – stock/genes/colour, language, culture, religion, customs, traditions, dress, food in all their permutations.
But out of all these diversities has emerged one nation — America — and one nationality — American. Because of their magnitude and numbers, America and the Americans represent the best and the worst of humanity.
The best in its ideals of democracy, freedom and equality and the worst in these same ideals when distorted and manipulated by self-serving interests. But then, where is there a nation and a people that is not self-serving?
One can argue that as a nation, China has magnitude and numbers, too.
However, one can quickly add that China’s population is more homogeneous and its people more genetically similar.
1Malaysia shares with America the dream of unity out of diversity. The vision of one nationality out of peoples whose forefathers settled in the Malay Archipelago and the Malay Peninsula from the outlying regions and from as far away as Europe, Saudi Arabia, India and China throughout history.
There were waves of migration bringing in waves of migrants at different periods of history from as early as the third century.
The most significantly recent wave that brought big numbers of migrants from China, India and the Indonesian islands arrived with the opening of Penang and Singapore in the late 18th and early 19th century.
One can say that the forefathers of most present day Malaysians are traceable to these arrivals.
So Malaysia is younger than America, its people not as racially diverse as America’s huge European, African, Asian, Arab and Jewish communities.
But efforts to unite diverse communities with diverse needs remain a crucial part of the American dream as they are with the Malaysian one. America does this wisely and systematically through a common language, a common education system, a common constitution and law.
Lately common national pursuits like the fight against terrorism and the pledge to uphold democracy at home and abroad have united the American people and given them a relevant impetus and a modern identity as a nation.
No doubt Malaysia is puny compared to gigantic America. But as a people, no matter how small our numbers are, how trivial our needs and interests we can have common dreams, aspirations and goals. What we all want after all is a place in the sun – the Malaysian sun!
Indeed, Malaysians can gather hope from Obama’s speech, from the firm promises, strong warnings and veiled threats.
What I take as my guiding light is Obama’s urgings to move forward and not let history and the past stop us in our tracks.
We can’t erase history but we can definitely remove the baggage of hate, vindictiveness and prejudice that has taken over our puny minds, hearts and souls.
Malaysians of all ethnicities can be generous and magnanimous and share the cake that we all have painstakingly baked. E Pluribus Unum! One Malaysia!
I came across this letter to The Star over the weekend. And I seems to agree with the writer in taking Obama's urging as a guiding light to move forward and not let history and the past stop us in our track.
But what really set me back after a long thought is whether all these is possible with the present government and its system at helm?
Who is to say that we are not 1Malaysia enough to ride through this storm? We must not forget that it was the 1Malaysia spirit that brought about the necessary change to bring our beloved country forward.
However, since then Umno has been aggressively playing up racial issue with all the machinery they controlled namely their lying racist mainstream media, their abusive and brutal police force and the kangaroo judiciary.
How can they justify The Perak Crisis, the ever abusive and sometimes brutal police force, and the makeshift kangaroo court as 1Malaysian?
These few issues are enough to place doubts over their sincerity on their 1Malaysia concept. People First, Performance Now?
It's more like a smokescreen over their intention to stay in power and continue to corrupt at the expense of the people at large.
And today, we have our DPM professing that Bahasa Malaysia is crucial to 1Malaysia. What a piece of crap! As far as in the early 70s, we have already nationalised our education system and see what happened? Our education system eroded down the drain. Read more here..
Come on la, Muhyiddin, try to learn from mistake. Don't go around trying to hoodwink the people again. We have grown beyond your simplistic trickery. To hell with all your politicking. Don't go around polilicize education system for Umno's mere benefit.
36 years alone is rotten enough to ever get back to where we used to be. Lets try not make it worse..


Anonymous said...

Dear Duke,
Wanna send my condolence on your passing Dad and may the good Lord keep you strong and everlasting love.
Take good care


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Malaysian Joe said...

Whisp.. my condolences to you and your family on the demise of your father.

btw.. my thoughts on what is US and what is Malaysia...

US - We are Americans
Malaysia - We are Bumi.. you are pendatang (period)

That is why we can never have unity in diversity. Ppl like Awang Selamat has to be banished from the face of Malaysia before any meaningful efforts to achieve 1Malaysia can take place.