Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Satu Projek Tajaan Kerajaan BN Lagi... Wang Dah Masuk, Stadium Runtuh Pulak!

The turtle symbol has always been linked to longevity. But not in the case of the RM300M turtle-shaped stadium in Gong Badak, Kuala Terengganu. Part of it's roof came crashing down yesterday morning.

Since this is a Barisan Nasional project, do expect some cover up or spinning away from the real cause which led to this collapse.
They can point their fingers at the contractor or say that it is the design problem but to the public, we all know so darn well that all these flaws are mostly due to extensive corruption along the way.
Lets wait and see whether they will heed the people's call for an independent public inquiry over this collapse and the investigation by MACC.
Sorry for being so negative but can they really blame us for maintaining such a stand after being put through decades of rampant corruptive practises right under our nose hidden behind their NEP policies and Official Secret Act.
And what happen to the Kepong MRR2 flyover flaw? Why the silence all of a sudden? Already settle? How? And who is bearing the extra RM70M repair cost? What happen to the original main contractor?
Rakyat Mudah Lupa, I suppose...

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely spot on Duke. Let us keep on reminding the Rakyat on this disease corruption. The more things keep on falling in front of the Rakyat's eyes, the more these corruptions cannot be swept under the carpet. Make more noise Bro, and as loud as possible, so thet those still asleep can finally wake up.

Peace Admiral Tojo.