Monday, June 1, 2009

BN Could Have Won, Had They Contested In Penanti...

OFFICIAL RESULTS: Mansor wins Penanti by bagging 6,052 votes. His nearest rival is Nai Khan, 494 votes, followed by Aminah, 392 and Kamarul, 56.
Mansor's majority is 5,558 votes. All three independents lost their deposits.
Yeah, a higher majority despite a mere voters turnout of 46% which translate to a mere 7,100 voters who cast their votes out of a total of 15,384 registered voters for the Penanti constituent. This could means a total of 8,284 voters ( BN voters) did not turn up to vote. Pointless for them to vote since BN has opted out from this contest.
Could BN have won this by-election based on the above facts? I would have believe so since they staked claims of an increase of 5% support from the Malay voters during the Bukit Gantang by-election.
And with some dosage of instant noodles, Penanti could easily be theirs if not, at least they can give PR a good fight rather than giving in like a coward.
Again, it is time for Kutty to claim credit for his hindsight while the other party can only nurse his bruised balls wondering why was he so stubborn and foolish. Or perhaps, it was his arrogant nature that blinded him to all these turn in tides signs which could be very well a tell tale sign to their chances in winning any by-election. Or maybe the phobia of losing by-elections got the better of him:p.
Now, with Manek Urai by-election scheduled for July, Najib better try to get himself out from this chronic phobic state and start making the right decision before someone from the within goes on a crusade to discredit him.
Well, I guess there is nothing he can do if someone from within conspires to bring him down. Pak Lah faced the same and was brought down tamely. After all, it's about time for Najib to have a taste of his own medicine.
My advice for him is to look for his enemies from within.


Saya Rakyat said...

Who initially mock the democracy?

Why did TKM1 left his post? To pursue his study? How irresponsible? And you back this?

So every ADUN is free to do whatever his will and rakyat has to oblige? WTF

TheWhisperer said...

Saya Rakyat,

My advice to you is to read my article again and try get my underlying tone here..