Thursday, March 11, 2010

Of Deception And Distraction: What Is In Store For Us In The Near Future?

This is not going to be a long posting. I will try to make it as brief as possible.
Two years has just passed since Tsunami 08 and what we are seeing now is further deterioration of situation in this country with Umno desperately trying to hang on to power no matter how low they have to stoop.
Many recent developments stand as proofs to their blatant and abusive actions. From cowhead to Allah and now Perkasa has joined into the foray targetting the Chinese.
These are all unhealthy telling signs of the direction Umno is taking to hold on to power.
Forget about the deception and distraction of the Sodomy trial, 1Malaysia propaganda, frog-leapping and whatnots, and look at what lies ahead for us.
On the political front, Najib has gone into higher gear breaking the political stalemate after a long stand-off. With the soccer World Cup around the corner to serve as a distraction, we can brace ourselves for more surprises. Whatever that is going to happen is certainly not going to be good for the country and the people. All the indications are there and they are timed to explode.
One thing for certain though.. the rakyat will have to bear the brunt for the Tsunami 08. Inflation is going to escalates with GST and gradual removal of subsidies while the domestic economy deteoriates. Watch out for flour and petrol prices..
What 6% GDP growth when businessmen and laymen alike are complaining of slowdown across the nation?
We are caught in a Catch 22 situation here. Damn If We React And Damn If We Don't. Either way, We are Fucked!
Brace yourself and be prepared for the worst to come.
Just my 2 sen worth of observation here..

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Richard Loh said...

Najib had given his ministers the KPI, what about him, who is going to grade him.

Take this poll:

How would you grade the PM's KPI (key performance index) during his 1 year in office.