Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Perak's Katak State Government Turned House Into Circus With A Trained Speaker And Seven Dogs In Light Blue...

Pic Courtesy of MalaysiaKini

MKini reporting live:
Ganesan's seven bodyguards, wearing light blue suits, approach Tai who is near Zambry and giving him an earful.
The sargeant-at-arms comes up to prevent them from touching Tai. Ngeh Khoo Ham (DAP-Setiawan) rushes over to Tai and yells at the bodyguards to leave, as they are not allowed inside the chamber, based on Standing Orders.

Tai and Ngeh complete the Pakatan walkout. Read More Here
Seven bodyguards inside The House? What are they doing inside there? Even the Regent of Perak knows and respects the rules of The House. And we have one disrespectful speaker courtesy of Najib's BN government turning the August House into a circus.. Apa ni? Bodoh ke? Give you a bush jacket to wear and you behave like a pariah minister. You are only a driver laa..
Dey! Podah!!

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