Friday, March 5, 2010

Piecing The Puzzle....

I know I have been quiet for quite awhile but that does not mean that I have not been following the events that continue to plague this country. But when those who walks the corridor of power decides to take the rotten path to stay in power with the blatant abuse of power and machinery, it is best we take a step back with patience and watch them self destruct with their actions.
However, at the rate they are going with their blatant creation of issues, racially and religiously, it just shows that they are more concern with staying in power rather than our welfare. Yeah that's right.. They just don't give a fuck about us.
The main stream media have been doing a good job spinning on issues that plagued some component party of Pakatan Rakyat with the latest being some PKR"S MP turned BN-friendly independent. But are we that gullible to take these news at face value? Everyone knows that UMNO is behind all these events. From the cowhead issue to Allah issue and now this. Now I know that the month of February and March is the frog season.
I only mentioned UMNO here and not Barisan Nasional, As for as I am concerned, BN is long dead and gone.
I am not going to distract you from the main issues like what our mainstream media is good at. It may appear to us that Pakatan Rakyat is breaking up if we read the mainstream media. But is UMNO not breaking up itself? No? Then explain to me the sudden emergence of the lost engine news. And what about the submarine that doesn't dive? Now that it has been repaired, I still wonder how deep and how long can this submarine stays underwater. Pardon me for being blatant and sceptical. Who wouldn't be given all the track record of purchasing obselete equipments at exorbitant prices. Come to think of it, what happen to the fleet of tanks that we bought some years back. I only can remember seeing a few of them during Merdeka Day parade.
Okay okay.. lets get serious here. Let me briefly take you through the present scenario.
Take One: The level of awareness among the people has reached great heights with the help of UMNO's blatant-ness. I am talking about the peninsular side. Much need to be done for our East Malaysian brothers and sisters. That is why UMNO is investing heavily on East Malaysia.
Take Two: Najib knew about the internal conspiracy to pressure him down and can ill afford to call for a general election for a fresh mandate knowing that UMNO will topple like tenpins given the present sentiment among the general public. That should explain why the desperate effort to obtain a two-third majority at all means just to strengthen his position.
This is Malaysia's politics. Politics without Ethics. Politics through Fear and Intimidation. Famed to be the dirtiest in the world and it is showing it's true color with the help of Tsunami 08.
What If these maneuvers fail to deliver? What can Najib do to stay in power and to avoid to call for a general election?
Maybe it is time to pick up some pieces of news and try to look beyond for hidden implications that comes with those news.
There were plenty of news over the past months. But what really caught my attention was this allegation by Mahathir and the subsequent events that follows..
911 STAGED by Americans themselves. A serious allegation. Was Private Adam firing his M16 into the air STAGED to prompt OPERASI LALLANG?
Then came the news of about 50 or so suspected terrorists being scooped up nationwide. Many have since been released.
First, the unwarranted allegation by Mahathir and then the sudden natinwide scoop. I do find events like these intriguing. Are there any implications behind these news given the present political stalemate?
A Stage is being set for something to come?
Perhaps, we should just wait and see...


Linda J said...

Oh they will self-destruct all right. It's in the cards you know. Evil may triumph for a while but but it does not last forever. So we will wait. I can wait. I have all the time in the world.

Antares said...

I enjoyed reading this, bro. Echoes many of my own feelings. As for Mahathir bringing up 9/11 nine years later... he's correct in hinting that it was a false flag operation. But this incorrigible egomaniac will open his metallic mouth just to stay in the spotlight. No point taking him so seriously.

TheWhisperer said...


I don't give a damn for that egomaniac and attention seeking asshole.. He is just another low being of this universe.

What I am trying to point out here is that at the rate Umno is stirring up shits, we may be heading towards the like of Myanmar ruling.

Indications are out there in abundance. Setting up for creation of action that calls for military rule just to avoid a general election.

It is not difficult to stage one themselves.

After all, there ain't no smoke without a fire.