Thursday, March 26, 2009

Najib's Reform Plans For Umno In Jeopardy?

The message is clear! Khairy won the Umno Youth contest while Shahrizat unanimously dethroned AP queen to helm the Umno Wanita post. And later today, we shall see the new formation of the supreme council. Forget about the president and deputy presidency contest as it is deemed irrelevant as far as I am concern.
What good is the president and the deputy president seat when one cannot command the support of the Youth wing, Wanita wing and soon to be formed supreme council? Whatever it is, do expect some surprises! More so now especially after yesterday's show of strength by Khairy.
Syabas, Khairy!
Once again, you silenced your nemesis, The Kutty. And it is time to give Najib a taste of his own medicine for what he did to Pak Lah.
Is Najib's day numbered? Checkmate!


Fi-sha said...

Dear Mr Whisperer,
Im glad he won for we will win the 3 by-elections (as the rakyat says - bring KJ in, B(e)N(d) will lose). Insya Allah

Take care!

Malaysian Joe said...

Hi Whisp... Its been quite some time... sorry been busy with work... KJ's win also tells you that Najib does not wield the kind of power that he potrays he has in umno. While none of the candidates for Youth has any credibility in my eyes, but KJ's win is definitely a blow to Najib and also to Kutty.