Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Emergency Sitting A Threat To National Security?: Why Don't You Shut The Fuck Up, Zambry!!

"If anyone is involved in tomorrow's assembly, the state government would not compromise with anyone or any group which threatens national security, particularly in Perak," said Menteri Besar Zambry Abd Kadir from a prepared statement.

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Considering the manner you assholes took over the Perak state assembly through all the possible power abuses and against the constitution, what right do this illegal Menteri Besar have to come out with statement like that? What the speaker did is very much within his power under the constitution and stipulated laws. On one hand, we have the lawless Umno lowly formed goonies and on the other, we have credible law abiding assemblymen. So, who shall we deem to be a Threat to national security here? All the peace in Perak was disrupted by them in the first place.
It is not about Umno or Pakatan now. It is about what The People want. Suara Rakyat, Suara Keramat!! Suara Rakyat says that Umno is the threat to this country's security and future.

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