Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bukit Gantang: Umno Is Left With Only One Theme Play...

After the Umno recent coup d'etat of the Perak's state assembly through unlawful means with the help of the state monarchy, Umno has incurred the wrath of most Perakians.

That shameful episode has not only woke Perakians up but the whole country's population in general. Again, the voice of the people have been ignored. To make matter worse, the blatant abuses of power after that episode have leave a bad taste in every thinking citizen mouth.
With that episode still looming in the court of law, Perak is now officially without an effective government. Any promises make by Zambry for the coming by-election can be regarded as utter rubbish.
I honestly dont see how Umno is going to win in this parliamentary by-election with this kind of negative sentiment against them.
And if we look at the racial breakdown of the constituent, we can expect Umno to capitalize once again on the monarchy with their questionable 'loyalty' hoping to win back some Malay's votes. And Hope, it shall remains.
When are they going to realize that their tricks wont work on the people anymore? Perhaps, that is not Najib's primary worry at all. Like he has said earlier, Bukit Gantang would not be a referendum. Not a referendum as far as he is concerned because his intention is only to stay in power with his people to further enrich themselves through the rape of our natural resources and defining policies that would further burden the rakyat. Read my earlier post here for their intention all these while after the tsunami shock.
Lets not rest on our laurels. All the by-election win is important to the people. At least, allow it to be a testimony that the voice of The People has spoken again and see how much longer they want to continue to ignore the wishes of The People.

And Win, We Must!! A good win with a big majority would further fuel the strength of Our Voice in Unity. Let this by-election be a referendum to The People's Power. Let Our Voice be heard across Our Land. Vote against the Corrupted and Lawless BN administration!

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trumpetzzz said...

Long live PR!

Fi-sha said...

Dear Mr Whisperer, the only weapon i have now to remain sane nowadays is my prayers that justice and conscience will prevail.

Sunan Muria said...

You said most Perakians are pissed of by the coup de'etat thro unlawful means. Obviously you are wrong. Firstly, I am a Perakian and most of my relatives and friends are not pissed off of the change. Its about the numbers. The change is legal and proper procedures adhered to. Dont democracy is about number game. Those who have the majority will rule. Is'nt this is the exact method/ procedures that Anwar plan to do coup d'etat the federal government. "The process of democracy prevail' said Anwar when welcoming Dato Nasa to PKR. Just a week later PKR said otherwise...