Monday, March 30, 2009

Bukit Gantang: Stop Using Sultan Perak In Election Campaign!!!

Enough Is Enough!!!
First, they get the Sultan Perak involved in their infamous but unlawful takeover of Perak State government. Even the man that they have had worshipped for more than two decades said it was unlawful. One of their respected member, Tengku Razaleigh, had spoken out openly against the coup d'etat. And the Sultan have been keeping his silence since.
But Umno have been aggressively spinning on this episode in the name of the sultan calling for action to be taken against 'treasonist. What treasonist? Who are they to label people as treasonist? If we looked back into history, we can really see who have been treasonous all these while. Yes, it was they themselves all these while. They create the problem, move all their lap dogs (Pewaris, Pekida and many more) to propagate the same to their advantage and then send in their enforcer (judiciary and police force) to justify their actions.
But they have forgotten two things: One is that HRH Sultan Perak have been keeping his silence. Probably, HRH Sultan Perak couldnt agree with what they are doing and couldnt see any evidence of treasonous act.
Secondly, it would be the people awareness which Umno had underestimated. The people are now more aware and mature unlike those brainless Umno goons who are easily gullible to spinning. The people is now more knowledgeable and they can analyse situation with their own mind. In other words, the people can now see and decide for themselves rather than blindly trusting those crooks. Yes, they have learned their bitter lessons for decades and they are now wide awake.
It is obvious that the Perak fiasco have brought about dissatisfaction among majority of Perakians and Malaysians alike. And this coming by-elections would be a chance for the people to voice their concern through their electoral vote.
I make this solemn plea to those working outstation to find some of their precious time and make their way back to make a statement with their vote telling Umno that Enough Is Enough!! Do it for A Better Malaysia. We had given them enough time and they betrayed us. They are The People traitors. They are the traitor of this land.
Stop the smearing of HRH Sultan Perak's reputation in election campaign by spinning away from the real issue. The issue here is Najib and his 4 frogs, not The Sultan.
A Wise Vote Is A Vote For Change!
A Vote For PR Is A Vote Against Najib's Leadership!


Anonymous said...

It seems that umno is really going all out to damage the sultan reputation and make the people hate him and his royal household. The sultan should call Najib to the palace and give him shit before more damage is done.

Fi-sha said...

Dear Mr Whisperer

the new wanita UM(ph)NO chief says they will tell the real stories - i bet kisah dongeng raja zaman dulu - instead of lies for this by-election. No wonder malays are still backward in many way - never in a good way (mind you i am malay so i am not being racist just realistic).

I wonder if 'raja adil, raja disembah' give up their allowances and perks during this difficult time to many...

Anonymous said...

A vote for Nizar is a vote against Najib and what UMNO did to the Royals in 1993. UMNO mudah lupa, Melayu masih ingat. People's power!!!

Yes, all you voters of P59, please go home to vote. The more voters turn out the less UMNO can manipulate votes through collusion with the EC and utilising the postal votes and other drity tactics.

Admital Tojo

Anonymous said...

It is not about Sultan. It is about Rakyat in an election.
Since Rakyat now has the responsibility to VOTE, then the decision is now made by Rakyat.
If Rakyat choose PR, then BN must RESPECT that. Coz that is how DEMOCRACY work!!!

Mr. X said...

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