Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sheer Ignorance, Blatant Arrogance!!!

Here I am... back in Taiping again where the action is. Cant stay away from the action. I was feeling restless for the past two days after attending the nomination day here. So I decided to come here earlier than planned. Cant wait to get back into the action while keeping our Grand Old Man (Zorro) company. Work? What work? With this economic condition? It's not a time to be aggressive. Everything seemed stagnant. Further consolidation if you must. That's my advice to all of you. It ain't over till it's over.
While driving here, something disturbing crossed my mind that prompt me to blog this posting.
The first moron I would like to bring to task is our new Election Commission head (pic below). Under normal circumstances, The EC head would announce the campaigning period together with the polling date. But this time, he chose to keep mum on the campaigning period. Was it sheer ignorance or a trap? Layman like us are aware of such a ruling. What more as a head of our country's election commission head.
That should explains why PR ceramahs have been bombarded with water cannons and FRU force.

This is what happened when youAlign Left have your head buried in the ass for far too long!!!


Moron number two goes to our infamous Home Minister, Mr Shit Hammed-It for coming out with shitty restrictions for election campaigning. Read his absurd statement here in Mkini.

I do agree with him that we should not further humiliate the Sultan as I did in my earlier posting. But for him to blatantly put in the the form of "No instigating the crowd by questioning the Perak sultan's decision" is totally unacceptable.

Hey moron, go do your homework by going to the ground. It has been your dogs barking up's name the sultan all the time. Go read Pewaris flyers that was distributed during the nomination day. Barking away through the pretense of standing up for Sultan Perak for their own selfish agenda. So who is instigating the voters sentiment here?

"No mention of the Altantuya issue must be made"? He must be fucking joking here. To me, he knows that he is fucked for good once Najib takes over as PM.So he is trying to get into Najib's good books. It would be a fucking mistake to retain him in the cabinet. He is after one of the most hated man in the country right now.

Altantuya issue have been getting worldwide attention and this issue have had washed our country's reputation down the drain. The judiciary and the police force integrity took a nose dive the moment Baginda Razak was acquitted with the public prosecutor refusal to appeal against the judgement. RPK's ongoing sedition trial have managed to uncover doubts towards the manner the investigation was been conducted.

I find the Home Minister's decision ridiculous unless it is to polish our PM2B's balls. Too late, Hammed-It! It has been polished by many others before you.

Altantuya, Altantuya

Altantuya yang Mulia

Altantuya Mongoliya

Altantuya Mongoli..yaaa!


Malaysian Joe said...

All the best to you and all the people working tirelessly for Pakatan. Tell that Shit head his time is up... no use glazing the balls of PM2B...

And time for you guys to neutralize the mamak MB.. how was the crowd at his talk? Mkini painted it to be like sizeable..

TheWhisperer said...


If I were you, I wouldn't take Mkini report seriously now. They have changed their tune if you noticed.

vinnan said...

I have noticed too.

Malaysian Joe said...

Noted guys...not gonna renew it! maybe read the free version.. :).