Monday, April 6, 2009

Sunday Night DAP's Mega Ceramah Scene...

We won the two bukits by-election and lost the Batang Ai seat contest.
All these pics may appear a tad too late to be posted. Couldn't find time to post it on Sunday night as my day was a hectic one. And on Monday, getting online was difficult for the whole day. What a coincident to have our wireless jammed up! Must be some jamming device set up somewhere near where we stayed.
Nonetheless, I shall share those pics that I took over the next few postings.
Guess it's better late than never as the saying goes...

DAP Mega Ceramah At Simpang
BR Bloggers Team Gatecrashing The Ceramah

The Early Crowd

Spilling Over Outside
The Candidate With His Wife
I Come Here To Support Nizar
Some Who Attended

Some Close Up Shots

Please take note that some other pics are not available. Pics of leaders like Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh, Gobind and Tok Guru Nik Aziz as I had moved away from the stage then. My humble apology..


peng said...

You are right about the service being jammed! I could not go online at all although my broadband usb signal showed it's working.
A good show of support by the BR bloggers. Well done & thank you.

Fi-sha said... so worried about you..thank God you are doing ok Mr Whisperer..pls hv a good rest ok?