Monday, April 27, 2009

What The Fuck! EC Wants Act To Be Fully Enforced?

Election Commission chairman Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Yusof said there should not be any campaigning during the cooling-off period, which is after midnight on the eve of polling day. Observer's View: We don't have any problem with that. Just make sure that the police are Fair in issuing ceramah permits without discrimination and conditions.

Speaking to reporters before having separate meetings with Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat representatives yesterday, he said the EC was also considering the idea of limiting the number of supporters converging at nomination centres on nomination day, polling day and when the results are announced, due to recent incidents. Observer's View: What recent incidents? As far as I am concerned, KT and the two Bukits went on peacefully without any untoward incident. The PR crowd were very well behaved even when they outnumbered BN crowd 10:1. Only recent incident that I witnessed was thugs hired by BN were the one causing nuisance during polling day. They were the aggressor.
He said the situation on the ground had become “scary” when tens of thousands supporters showed up and some fought with each other and police had to maintain a strong presence as the situation was tense. Observer's View: The atmosphere was carnival-like in Taiping when at least 50,000 supporters poured in from all over the country to stand in solidarity with DS Nizar. There was no report of any violence except for the fact the police were a bit highhanded in pushing the PR supporters away from BN supporters without any reason. They could have caused a stampede that day if they were careless enough to use a little bit more force.
“The police have to be ready for any eventuality” he said, adding that the EC was concerned that supporters may even turn up in the hundreds of thousands and the situation could not be controlled. Observer's View: PR supporters are peaceful lot. Period! We do not need such a big force there to intimidate the people and cause the jams.
He said the EC did not want rowdiness and aggression to be the culture during elections. Observer's View: Utter Nonsense!!
On limiting the number of supporters, he said the EC would have to consult the police and that it also depended on the size of the area.
On the possibility of Barisan giving Pakatan a walkover in Penanti, he said the EC’s job was only to provide facilities for the by-election.
On whether the Penanti seat would now remain status quo as the assemblyman has been cleared of corruption allegations, Abdul Aziz said it was up to the assemblyman’s party to decide. Observer's View: When one resigns, it's the EC duty to call and provide facilities for a by-election. It is not the EC duty to determine whether which letter is genuine as in the three Perak frogs case. Sign under duress? How can it be duress when all the PR assemblymen and women signed with advance knowledge of the reason attached in signing such a letter? In any circumstances of such a dispute, it should be the court of law that decides, not EC chairman.
Abdul Aziz also added that the EC’s decision on the by-election would be announced on Monday instead of tomorrow.
Barisan was represented at the meeting by special officer to Umno secretary-general Datuk Abu Khamis, MCA deputy secretary-general Datuk Loke Yuen Yow and MIC executive secretary Ramany Krishnan. Abu said Barisan accepted any measure the EC may undertake in the interest of the people. Observer's View: I am giving them the benefit of doubt here despite EC has been playing to their games. Interest of the people? Humbuggers!!
Pakatan Rakyat was represented by several party leaders and MPs. PAS national elections director Datuk Mustapa Ali said PAS, PKR and DAP all disagreed with any move to limit the number of supporters during elections, adding: “The EC fears the overwhelming presence of supporters may scare away voters but it doesn’t hold water as voter turnout has been high. Observer's View: Lets have a good laugh on this lame excuse.. Whatever it is, it's safe to conclude that their intention is always Evil!! Difficulty in dispensing their ghost voters?
We Shall Show Them Again Come 31st May..


Fi-sha said...

Dear Mr Whisperer
EC's justifications for the act are just so hilarious i thought it's April Fool Joke. We dont have any probs with that Sir if they insisted for such act - for they will spiral down even further...

Anonymous said...

sorry, do I hear it right.

"EC's role is to provide facilitie for election".

what the freak. didnt they say earlier say their roles are expanded to icnlude deciding on vacancies, a power given by some ghosts.