Thursday, April 23, 2009

Athi Veeranggan, You Are Full Of Bulls!!

I read Athi Veeranggan article, Penanti voters unhappy with Fairus' resignation, in disgust.
True to my earlier conviction, MalaysiaKini has indeed changed its tune since Najib took over as Prime Minister. Read what Athi try to spin below:

The resignation of incumbent assemblyperson Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin has not gone down well with many Penanti voters.

They are unconvinced that the resignation was justifiable and necessary to pave way for another by-election, the sixth in country since the 12th general election last year.

PKR now faces a big test to convince these doubtful constituents that Fairus made the right decision to quit, thus necessitating the by-election.

The party also needs to disseminate information to convince the sceptical Penanti constituents, many whom feel that PKR and Pakatan state government leadership had betrayed Fairus.

It's not going to be easy for PKR since some 30 percent of Penanti's 15,241 electorates, including PKR and PAS members, are said to be unhappy with the way the Fairus saga was handled.

The voters feel both PKR and Pakatan government leaders should have given Fairus more protection when the former DCM 1 was under attack from forces within the party.

This spells trouble for PKR since Umno too has a strong presence in the constituency.The 30 percent sceptical electorates are the decisive voters in the by-election.

PKR and PAS each has some 3,000 members in the area, while Umno has some 6,000 members.

Athi, where did you get this analysis from? Did you walk the ground to come out with such a report?
This article already stinks right from the beginning. You may fool some people with such a malicious spinning but definitely not all the people as the people have already matured beyond your journalist lies.
Tell me, have someone bought over MalaysiaKini from your boss? Another Prostitute?
Good try..


Hamba said...

Spot on...Cos if that were true, UMNO and BN would not be so scared to contest in Penanti...Malaysiakini have gone down to the gutter where UMNO live...

Richard Loh said...

Malaysiakini had sold its soul to the highest bidder for quite sometime. You would know from the way they present their headlines, pushing in pro-umno blogs in their blog section and pretending to remain neutral by publishing some pro-opposition letters. I unsubscribe more than a year ago, after sensing their news report where they blow up minor issues from PR and tend to hide most of umno's wrong doing. Just like some bloggers who turn against badawi are now back to support umno/najib....