Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Batu Gantang: An Evening With Bernard Khoo aka Zorro UnMasked...

Uncle Bernard and I decided to head towards Kuala Sepetang for some seafood and hoping to gatecrash a ceramah or two. After asking around, we managed find ourselves in a restaurant by the riverside.
The surrounding atmosphere was serene with beautiful landscape spread out along the horizon. The peaceful atmosphere was interrupted periodically by the roar of diesel-powered engine of fishing boats heading towards the sea. A great place for a romantic outing and the food was great.
Uncle Bernard as always

Scene from where we were seated

Chanced upon one old friend.

After a sumptous dinner laced wih couple of beer, we headed for a DAP ceramah at Simpang. Despite a short downpour, the crowd turnout was in the region of 500.

The Venue

The YBs took their turn to woo the crowd with their fiery speeches. The crowd delightfully responded.

More at Zorro's.

Very good signs from the ground. The Chinese and Indian votes lean more towards Pakatan Rakyat. BN won on the flags war but that's on the surface only. With the kind of money that they are pouring in, no wonder LGE lamented that this by-election is a tussle between money and the people.

So, good people of Batu Gantang, would you sell your children's future just for some quick gain and stand to be bullied by the corrupted Umnoputras later on?

Don't let history repeats itself.
Vote wisely.
Say NO to those who instilled Hatred among The People!


Jong said...

Great shots, good job! You should start promoting tourism into Kuala Sepetang, Bukit Gantang to help raise the locals' livelihood. :D

Malaysian Joe said...

How is the pulse with the Malay community there at Bkt Gantang?

Antares said...

Glad you're throwing yourself wholeheartedly into a worthwhile cause, my friend. You're firing on all pistons, man. Good stuff! :-)