Sunday, April 19, 2009

RPK Is More Than Just A Friend...

"The police are looking for me. My friends have been summoned to the police headquarters for interrogation, police cars are parked outside their house, and police personnel are loitering outside their residence to monitor whoever comes and goes. My ISA case, which the government is appealing, has suddenly been dropped and for almost two months the case has gone cold after the Federal Court appeared to be in a hurry and would not even allow us 24 hours to file the necessary papers." Excerpt from RPK's article, 'It's Time To Storm The Bastille'.
The authorities can go ahead and continue to find ways to nail him even if they have to stoop so low to shift the goal posts or abuse their available machinery to their advantage to get him into Kamunting.
One thing they can't take away is the bond of which he has created with the majority of Malaysians and the awareness he has instilled upon each and everyone of us through his articles that brought about the political landscape changes.
That's the reason many of us stood by him and shall continue stand with him to push this country onto the right path. Corruption must go. Law and order must be maintain. We are all Malaysian and we do not need unfair policies to segregate us through race and religion. We are Malaysian who knows how to take care of one another irrespective of race, gender or religion. Definite not what the authorities have been trying to portray to us for decades. Those were their propaganda's for their selfish interests.
Yes, Raja Petra Kamarudin is my friend. He also happens to be the one whom I have grow to respect and hold him in high esteem. And I do not have any second thought of associating myself to him. In actual fact, I am proud to have the opportunity to walk alongside him in his quest for a better Malaysia.
Stay Safe, My Friend, My Brother.. This is going to be a long journey. And your quest for a better Malaysia shall continue to live in Us..
Missing You...


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Fi-sha said...

Dear Mr WHisperer

Thank you for the invitation and i apologise deeply for being able to be there as i only got your msg after i got home aronud 9 that nite.

Im sorry too for not contacting you through your mobile as i am now nursing a broken heart, fearing ill breakdown talking to you.

Hope you had a great weekend and wishing a great one ahead!

Yes, i miss uncle pete dearly to.

Antares said...

Yaaaaaay! Right on, good old Duke! Thanks for expressing your feelings about RPK on so many Malaysians' behalf.

Anonymous said...

we havent seen the last of rpk, no sir!

far from it!

to those scumbags - ag, igp, macc, augustine paul, etc... u just wait and see!


TheWhisperer said...

Comments From MT Readers:

written by ibabonma, April 19, 2009 21:24:03
RPK, sahabat seperjuangan ku, we have not met but one day we will surely be.

written by lynn, April 19, 2009 21:33:43

You are a genius and a gem of a human being, one in 6 billion. We will always love, respect & honour your good name.

written by singam, April 19, 2009 21:42:39
Pete dared to dream a dream that many feared to even think about. Having dreamed the dream, he went about the business of waking up Malaysians who had been numbed into inaction.

Today many share that dream, the dream of a people free to respect and appreciate one another, to do what is right without fear or favour, to be proud of being a citizen of an excellent nation.

What Pete has done cannot be undone, try as they may. It is up to all of us to keep the flame burning and transform words into actions.

written by Littlebird, April 19, 2009 21:50:08
Nelson Mandela suffered 27 years behind prison under the hands of a legitimate government. Dear Pete I am sure true rakyat loving royalties would be proud of you.

written by Steven Tan, April 19, 2009 21:58:06
Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Our Malaysia will be totally in peace when we get rid of the entire BN/UMNO REGIME in coming G.E 13 and have people like DSAI,TGNA,LKS,Lim Guan Eng, our YM RPK, Datuk Seri Nizar, Datuk Zaid, Karpal Singh and other good and honest person as our leader. It doesn't matter who become the PM, DPM or the Minister, as long these good and trusted people lead the country, all of us, our family, our friends and kids will live in peace, happily and definitely better future for all of us.

Guys, do you agree with me???

written by DontPlayGod, April 19, 2009 22:09:18
Some day in the future, historians will realize how much RPK, through his writings, has evoked a new awakening and hope amongst the millions of Malaysians. His perseverence to his ideals, the sacrifices he has made for all of us, will one day by remembered by politians and the ordinary folks in the streets. Now he must know that he has millions who are willing to stand by his side.

If ever we attain a more just, free, and humane government in Malaysia, RPK's name will be the first name to stand out.

written by michael, April 19, 2009 22:14:36
One day, not long now, RPK will be honored with many titles by our Agong and the Sultans (if the Monarchy choses rightly with the Rakyat and survived these turbulent times). His name will be one that Malaysian students in future will learn in their history and Civic textbooks.

I will be proud that I lived in the times of RPK for he is indeed a hero far greater than Hang Jebat and Hang Tuah.

God Bless RPK!

written by teo siew chin, April 19, 2009 23:19:53
Not only has YM RPK created awareness, he has summoned all who can and all who will, to STEP UP THE PLATE and be counted - like you The Whisperer and many more!

written by peace brother, April 19, 2009 23:21:36
True Malaysian set as example to many.

Bless you bro. RPK

written by JohnQ, April 19, 2009 23:26:57
The world would definitely be a far better place if MAN like this exist in every politician.

written by JohnQ, April 19, 2009 23:35:08
DEAR DSAI, If their is a MP vacancy, pls propose Dr M to contest vs YM RPK!

written by AlwaysFair, April 20, 2009 00:16:12
May God bless and protect RPK because he is the VOICE of everyone.

written by arazak, April 20, 2009 00:24:37
RPK will be a legend. His deeds will be told and retold for generations to come. . .!

written by Tok Din, April 20, 2009 01:02:45
Most Malaysians had been disinterested in messiness of Politics and government administration, content by nature to leave UMNO/BN component parties to rule the country and national affairs for decades. We had mistakenly believed that BN is led by competent, trained, experienced and qualified administrators who care about the interest of the rakyat and who can build a united, prosperous, and harmonous nation for the benefit of all its citizens regardless of race, religion or class.

The truth however cannot be more different. Despite BN nice sounding slogans, fabricated feel good factors and other state controled propaganda programs, it is plain to all that something is very wrong with the government. For instance, our local grads cannot find jobs except in government, education standards are falling, jobs are missing, factories are closing, people are fearing for the future of their children, Malaysians have to migrate in order to find jobs in Singapore, Hong Kong and China just to survive and send money home to feed their families, quality of public services have deteriorated, healthcare services are crumbling, criminal activities rampant, cost of doing business in Malaysia has become prohibitive, corruption is everywhere, foreign investors are leaving in droves, power abuses are everywhere, miscarriage of justice is tolerated, perverse judgments are meted out by courts, truly capable public servants are resigning, high offices are run by well connected political appointees without caring about qualification and experience, and peace loving Malaysians are more divided and polarized than ever.

With Internet, RPK and fellow Malaysians like DSAI,TGNA,LKS,Lim Guan Eng, Datuk Seri Nizar, Datuk Zaid, Karpal Singh now can share their views and opinions on what's going on in the country and what is going on in parliamentary debates and interceding for us with the government of the day. We are grateful for the information they share and their viewpoints.

Now that we have the correct information without propaganda, we the rakyat know better about the true state of the nation. We are no longer fooled by the state controlled media. And we are very angry that we had been taken for a ride for so many years. We are standing up for our citizen rights. We need to get these idiots out of office and if possible to ask them pay back from their ill gotten wealth to make the restitution. These corrupt ministers should be barred from public office. Can we rakyat do that. I believe so if we are united with a single mind.

Let it be known that BN/UMNO leaders are no more than a pack of hungry and greedy wolves. They have conspired to enrich themselves through public offices. They have no interest to serve the people or devoting their life to build this nation. They have destroyed the very foundation of a strong, united and prosperous nation so that every citizen can enjoy.

Thanks to RPK and many other true leaders of this land. Without them and the role they selflessly play, this country will be trashed beyond recognition and all future hopes lost.

But, they alone cannot get the job done. They need all our financial, emotional and intellectual support from every caring Malaysian.

In the end, we deserve the kind of government we put into power to rule over us. If we do not wake up and participate now, it may be too late and a great pity. If that happens we have ourselves to blame since the opportunity has passed.

Stand up and be counted. This is the only right and proper thing to do as a human being.

written by parsona, April 20, 2009 01:06:00
RPK, although you fight for a monarchy system that I do not agree to (why do I automatically need to be respectful and loyal to a king who did not even have to earn his place at the throne?), I will readily and humbly accept you as my king. Long live Raja Petra!

written by johanssm, April 20, 2009 02:31:57
We will still honour and respect Raja Petra even if he do not have the "Raja" word in his name. A truly Bangsa Malaysia in spirit and a real Muslim who is daring to expose the rest of the fakers( or shall i shall f.ckers).
Infact RPK explained better than Nik Aziz or anyone from Pas did on the ISA issues and Hudud.
Without MT and RPK , Pakatan Rakyat will not be able to achieve where and what they are today.
And yet , RPK do not want any power nor position within PR.
RPK only wants a platform to say what he wanted to say.

written by SamSan, April 20, 2009 02:45:02
I wish to be police informer and wish to categorically state that RPK is hiding with Private Investigator Bala and family. Once the police can find and nab Bala for his evidence implicating Najib with the Altantuya murder, then they will definately get Pete. Unless the police don't want to make any effort to find Bala and hope the Altantuya case publicity dies a natural death.

written by jeya, April 20, 2009 05:52:05
But, they alone cannot get the job done. They need all our financial, emotional and intellectual support from every caring Malaysian.
Stand up and be counted. This is the only right and proper thing to do as a human being.
There are so many many of us who have been standing up for so long until we are weary & exhausted.
The parties who should be counting us in are so busy in their new found roles that we are cast adrift to face the wolves.
There are many many of us who have been encouraging the new consciousness for so long that our voices have gone hoarse.
The parties who are now saying what we have been saying forget that out there in the heat & rain are many who have gone home forgotten by the new parties.
In any event,
we continue to wish silently & send out positive wishes to all of these new parties as they go about their new found mission in life.

written by jasongaust, April 20, 2009 07:44:54
A man of steel with a very heavy load on his shoulder continue to inch forward to fight & seek a better Malaysia for all.
Just a freind? No way.

written by imanj, April 20, 2009 09:25:51
Have a busy schedule today,won't be able to browse MT,but couldn't miss out to post comment on this article by The Whisperer.

There has been no one,till date,that can measure up to RPK,in how he has acomplish to instill awareness to many Malaysian(fans,/supporters or not).This bond with those who are conscious and wise of all that has gone wrong,will never be broken.It remains forever,the one good thing,never can be replaced.

For that i sincerely hope,all blessings go RPK's way and also to his family and friends.PAKATAN RAKYAT,don't let us down,there is so much,Malaysians need and that comes with realisation,that we haven't gained if we continue to be race segregated and without positive progression in every sense and aspect.PAKATAN RAKYAT at this moment is the best change for all Malaysian.

TO RPK,Family,Friends,all in Pakatan Rakyat,MT readers and good Malaysians,i wish you a grand day,no matter how tough it gets..!!Got to go now..!!

Anonymous said...

Yes Whisperer, RPK is the man who has sacrificed a lot for ALL of us. Hope he is well and at peace.

Shalom Admiral Tojo

Anonymous said...

RPK, you are the role model of my son.

Anonymous said...

We'll walk with you, RPK.