Thursday, April 9, 2009

Scene From Counting Centre In Taiping... Simply Euphoric!!

Yes, that was the scene outside Taiping Municipal Council where the Bukit Gantang electoral votes were counted. If my expert friend estimated that the crowd during nomination day was in the region of 80,000, this one is not too far off. I would estimate this crowd to be in the region of minimum 50,000 using nomination day's crowd as a guide. Something for Taiping folks to remember here as they have never see a crowd of this magnitude in their sleepy town.
Fantastic atmosphere. Many friendship were made easily here as we all shared a common cause. The crowd cheered and jeered as the result of each ballot box were announced while a sole helicopter flew above shining its floodlights onto the crowd. The crowd responded by waving their respective party flags towards the sky.
When the results were more or less unassailable to Nizar's advantage, someone lighted off some fireworks display to top up an otherwise euphoric night. A memorable night for all those who scarificed their work and family time to help out in the campaign. And the result made it sweeter. I must pay tribute to those working relentlessly on the ground. Regardless of race or parties, they all worked with One Spirit towards One Cause.
Syabas Anak Bangsa Malaysia! Syabas Pakatan Rakyat! Syabas Bloggers Team! Syabas Perakians and Syabas Rakyat Malaysia!
We have made it again and set this precedent for Barisan National to Reform or face Extinction.
Lets stay United for The People's Power To Rule!.


Anonymous said...

Great work and pics Bro. Keep healthy for I think there will be many more buy elections oooppss!! By elections. Do get your bike license asap. He! He!

Peace Admiral Tojo

TheWhisperer said...
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Kelly said...

Hehe, great time. I finally updated my posting! Special thanks to you