Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Coming Attraction: Dont Forget RPK's Sedition Trial This Coming Thursday and Friday...

The sedition trial continues this coming Thursday and Friday and things are definitely going to get heated up again. Bala has gone missing. Baginda Razak has been acquitted from Altantuya C4-ed murder and the two cops were sentenced to death by hanging for their part. Forget about the sms exchange in relation to this case and Altantuya's murder case is considered solved and close.
Yet, RPK's sedition trial continues... Let do a recap on what transpired during the last trial sitting. Supt Gan, the investigating office for Altantuya murder, testified that what RPK wrote in his article, 'Lets send Altantuya's murderer to Hell' does not conform with his investigation. Thus, making RPK's article seditious in nature.
But when pressed further by RPK's defense counsel, he has on many occasion refused to cooperate by refusing to answer questions posted to him despite being instructed by the judge to do so. Such an act of defiance by an officer of law.
However, further questioning did revealed that there were flaws in the manner which the murder investigation was carried out. Many procedures were not followed. Some of those implicated in the murder were not questioned. The missing immigration record of Altantuya's entry was not investigated.
Supt Gan is expected to be on dock as the trial commence.
Will there be more surprises? Be there to find out!


Anonymous said...

memory lapses. this man is getting senile eh.

Fi-sha said...

Dear Mr Whisperer

Will Uncle Pete be there? If I couldnt be there, I want him to know my spirit is with him at the court along with you and other supporters for justice.

Take care sir!