Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bukit Selambau Trip Further Confirm My Conviction Of The Contributing Factors Behind The Success Of Pakatan Rakyat...

Forget about the 13 independent candidates. Forget what the lopsided MSM spins. And that includes Malaysiakini which have change its tune recently. Perhaps, it's for business survival that they have to take sides. Too bad, they chose to do so rather than staying neutral.

Bernard and I took a trip to Bukit Selambau this morning along with one of our supporter who volunteered to drive us there. We decided to stop by PKR media center which is situated just a stone throw away from the junction leading to Bukit Selambau.
Again, BN flags were everywhere right from the heart of Sungai Petani. I am still maintaining that the flags war bears no significant as the EC have banned other Pakatan Rakyat component parties from displaying their respective party flags. Totally ridiculous!

YB Bernard Khoo from Barisan Rakyat Bloggers went straight into performing his duties while yours truly moved around trying to snap some decent photographs to compliment YB's Zorro blog posting.

Yayasan Aman aka PKR Media Centre

Strong Lady Whom I Admire
YBs and Aduns Supporting Manikumar
YB Zorro Parting With His Experience

The Combined Forces Of Two Giants

The Hardworking Ground Force Support

Please visit Zorro's blog for his take on today's visit while I ll take it from another perspective, that is, through observation.

I have always maintain that the main contributing factor for the sweeping Wind of Change success has been the Awareness factor. And one year after the 12 GE, the Awareness among the people continues to gather momentum. Thanks to Umno for their self destruct mode in the form of abuse of power in dealing with pressing issues thrown at them. People are now disgustingly staring at the true colours of Umno. Corrupted and creating disharmony among the people by lying through their propaganda of Ketuanan Melayu. Ketuanan Melayu, my foot! It should be branded as ketuanan puak Umno!! That should explains why more Malays are going against the minority of puak Umno.

Another observation which caught my attention from my experience in KT by-election is the commitment of Pakatan Rakyat components parties towards it's cause. In KT, DAP and PKR were campaigning relentlessly in support the PAS candidate, Wahid Endut. And this Spirit continues in Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau. I cant say the same for Batang Ai as I am not there but I have confidence in Barisan Sarawak Bloggers to create the Awareness among its people there by taking what they do in the net to the ground. Their Commitment and Spirit would be the contributing factor for infancy stage situation.

And what spirit am I talking about here? Take a look at the picture below. It was taken at Simpang while on our way back from Bukit Selambau. PAS from Gua Musang Division setting up service centre on their own accord. Just like what we had during nomination day. Many divisions from all component parties poured in from all over the country in unison to stand in solidarity with MB Nizar. Just got news from someone who is good at judging the crowd that the nomination day's crowd from Pakatan Rakyat was close to 80,000.

What else can I say here? Awareness, Commitment and Spirit... Nature should takes its own course.

Just my two cents conviction here.

Syabas Pakatan Rakyat!!


Peter said...

Malaysiakini changed its tune? In what way?

Antares said...

Peter, I can confirm The Whisperer's statement re Malaysiakini. The toxic effects of Najib's ruthless powergrab (ill-conceived & ill-fated as the Perak constitutional crisis he precipitated graphically demonstrates) has begun to poison the national psyche - just as Mahathir gained more & more power by enfeebling the rakyat, castrating the judiciary, corrupting the police & neutralizing all institutional checks & balances to executive abuse of power. Sycophants are attracted to what appears to be powerful, the way papparrazi are drawn to celebrities. Journalists are no different, and more so media owners. I have no doubt that a quiet voice whispered a stern warning to Steven Gan & Prem Chandran. They were probably warned that Mkini would be shut down if they persisted in their left-leaning slant. Recently I renewed my Mkini subscription & almost immediately began to regret parting with RM150 I could put to better use! I'll be monitoring Mkini closely in the coming weeks.
If they continue their rightwards drift, I shall cancel my subscription & demand a refund. Andrew Ong's report on Mahathir's ceramah in Simpang read just like something out of NST!

Whisperer, I enjoyed reading your take on things. You are so right, bro :-)

Anonymous said...

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