Thursday, April 23, 2009

RPK's No Show At The Sedition Trial...

Yes, that's right. RPK did not turn up in court to face his sedition trial today. But not without reasons. He has chosen to post his reasons through MalaysiaToday portal. Read his article, " Why I Am Absent In Court Today" for his reasons.

The defence team got a note from Pete this morning advising them that he would be absent as he is still in self-imposed exile from the state of Selangor. The prosecutors were being informed before the court commenced. When the defence team told the judge of Pete's predicament, the refusal by the judge to accept Pete's reasons prompted the prosecuting team to call for an arrest warrant to be issued. How hypocritical! They must have forgotten that Supt Gan did the same without informing the court when he made a 'no show'. No evidence of his trip to Taiwan was produced. Why no warrant of arrest then?

I, for one, was not surprise by RPK's move. With the recent rulings made by several judges over several cases which involve the government, the hope for a fair trial has indeed diminished over time. If they can mocked the Federal Constitution, who is Raja Petra Kamarudin?

Justice Rozina, with all due respect, I was only generalizing here and in no way, I was refering to your integrity. You have earned respect from most of us who have had attended this sedition trial since the beginning. My pal, Zorro, was talking about sending you a stalk of rose today. Am I right, Uncle Bernard? Honestly, we would have done it much earlier but the implications here can be very misleading. You know lah... The sickly mentality of those in power. We, for one, would not want to get a good judge into trouble with our gesture of appreciation.

Brother Pete, you did right. Most of us would have love to see you attend the trial and strip them down piece by piece. But with the odds stack up against you, it would be suicide to show up today. Political motives made it even more dangerous.
And wherever you are now, take care and enjoy your liberty.
Till we meet again...


Fi-sha said...

Dear Mr Whispere
I agree with you, as always. Between justice and security, I'm glad Uncle Pete took the latter option. Will we see better days ahead Mr Whisperer?

TheWhisperer said...

Dear Fi-sha,

On level ground, we would be in better days by now. But this is not to be. Those in power are losing popularity fast. They know it yet, they chose to hang on with every means they have.

For your question, 'Will we see better days ahead?', I would say 'sooner or later'. As long as We, the people, continue to pressure for change. If Umno can't bring themselves to reform, it is their own graves they are digging.

But first, lets dig kutty grave in Penanti.. Agree?

Fi-sha said...

Dear Sir, yes, lets do it...btw, i found another idea for "surat khabar lama' aka kutty here -

Anonymous said...

kangaroo court is bared all to see. what else would the courts not do if they can blatantly shove the constitution? all in the name of what?

Anonymous said...

long time no see...quite busy lately. Otherwise, i'll definitely be there yesterday.
Anyway, wish our HERO all the best, wherever he is.