Tuesday, April 14, 2009

First Crack In Najib's Reform Call...

Barely a week into the formation of the new cabinet, our new PM's call for reform was immediately put to test by an irresponsible egoistic remark.
According to The Star, Higher Education Minister Mohamed Khaled Nordin was reportedly to have said that the Key Performance Index (KPI) which is applicable to monitor and rate ministries performance should not be made public for fear of misinterpretation by the public.
"It is an administrative matter. It's not to be exposed," he added.
There you go. So much so for Transparency. They might as well classify this KPI under the Official Secret Act.
What is the big deal about making this KPI known to the public? His reason of misinterpretation by the public is totally a lame one. Unless he expects to have a free ride at his ministerial job without accessment.
Public confidence in the administration remained at Zero after years of abuses and cover ups.
Is this the reform you are talking about, Najib? What is reformation without proper Ethics and Governance? Perhaps, Najib should start adopting Penang's model of governance. It's not that perfectbut it's better that the rotting system that we had for decades. Thanks to Kutty for fucking up the whole system which opens up for Corruption and Power Abuse.
Lets take Khaled Nordin to task for the first fucked up.
What say you, Mr Prime Minister?

Another Shithead Failing To Keep Abreast With Changing Times And Now We Know The Reason Why!!


Anonymous said...

These UMNO shitheads are full of hot air. Is it any wonder that the people have come to take whatever UMNO churns out verbally as verbal diarrhoea.

Peace Admiral Tojo

Anonymous said...

When it comes to performance, you know these nincompoops from the BN cannot live up to expectation.

Fi-sha said...

Dear Mr Whisperer

Who is he to say that the KPI should not be disclosed to public? Either these ministries dont have one (apa apa saja) or they are so racist people will revolt.

Damn, another idiot johorean that screws us all (p.s. im still proud to a johorean but i despise Alblur and keris---din)

Cheerio Mr WHisperer

Malaysian Joe said...

Whisperer, what is new? Even his DPM are calling chinese ingrates and asking indians to shut up.

Next you know our PM will do what his dad did, visit China, walk the great wall and proclaim it to be A GREAT NATION, while his cahorts here will call us pendatang... then he will go a step further than his dad, he will go to India and visit Taj Mahal and claim it to be exquisite beauty, synonymous to the great nation of India, and here his people will continue to sideline the Indians.

K L said...

When comes to performance appraisal, just follow what the Old Dentist has done - Give the broom to the bad performer ! So easy !