Sunday, April 5, 2009

Last Night Ceramah Scene From Bukit Selambau...

We were chosen to cover Bukit Selambau last night. Zorro, Rodi, Chris and yours truly started our trip from Taiping at 5:30pm. The jam was bad as we approached Butterworth. So we decided to turn into Bukit Tambun for some seafood dinner.

We reached Sungai Petani at around 8:00pm and went straight to PKR media centre in Bedong to get some information with regard to DSAI ceramah. We have just missed Kg. Raja ceramah and we head for the next scheduled ceramah to be held in one Taman Tasik Apong. It took us quite awhile to locate the place as the instructions we squeezed out of the locals seemed to take us all over Sungai Petani town. We were the first to arrive and our presence was enough to bring in curious onlookers.
The Early Birds

Friends That We Made

The Speakers

The Crowd

Waiting For His Hero

Again, we had problem locating the next ceramah venue. We were late but what we saw made this trip to Bukit Selambau worthwhile. Take a look at these pictures that i captured.

I would estimate the crowd to be in the region of 20,000. The biggest that I have seen so far in the two bukits here in the peninsula. This crowd alone have already win Bukit Selambau for Pakatan Rakyat.


Fungus said...

Thanks for the pics! Hope PR wins big. No msm will publish these pictures. Hmmm....even Malaysiakini may not!

Anonymous said...

Now compare that to the Tun Mahathir event today - 6 Apr.

Just look at the photos? Click here -

Political party event or government event?

If government event, can talk and bash opposing party coalition?
Kalu itu ‘bukan haram’ then those in power in the 4 PR states can do the same?

Mahathir setting wrong precedence - as usual?

What a role model for the future generations!!!
And yet, going onto the world stage and talking about Bush, Blair, Brown etc as people who misuse power!!!!

Difficult to comprehend.
In one instance - he preaches and in another he breaches what he preaches.

Time to really retire and ride your horses Tun.

peng said...

The pictures indicate numbers, massive numbers. It's the same of the ceramah I attended on Saturday night at the tapak expo rakyat in Simpang. An encouraging show of support there.
I pray PR wins all three!