Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Batu Gantang: Pics From The Ground During Polling Day...

Our first stop was at PAS media centre situated at Air Kuning for the arrangement of our transport to reach all polling station. While waiting for our bikes to arrive, I slipped to the polling station nearby to snap some scene... Heckling had already started between opposing supporters. Notice That one Umno puteri holding her placard upside down and the PAS lady kept on heckling her. That poor puteri wasn't aware what was going on at all.
Scene From Air Kuning Polling Centre

Scene From Simpang Polling Centre
Scene From Forgotten Polling Centre

Scene From Matang Polling Centre

Scene From Sg. Mati Polling Centre

Another Unknown Polling Centre

Kuala Sepetang Polling Centre

Changkat Jering Polling Centre

Jam Caused By Traffic Cops

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zorro said...

Super shots Duke....nobody has put up pics like these.