Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ultra Racist Ali Rustam Barred: Politics The Umno Way..

Umno deputy presidential aspirant Mohd Ali Rustam has been barred from contesting in the upcoming party polls. Read more here..
There you go.. This is how Umno operates. The way they bulldozed their way lawlessly through their controlled machinery namely the police force and the judiciary, is like they are the law and are above the law. They can blatantly twist and turn the law to facilitate their selective prosecution to their advantages. And today, we have one of our lawmaker being charged with sedition act for merely uttering that he would sue the Perak sultan for playing Najib's game in a coup d'etat over the Perak state assembly while their so called royal traitors roamed free till today after a large dissenting demonstration against the Terengganu's Sultan choice of Menteri Besar some time last year.
And just awhile ago, ultra racist Ali Rustam gets his share of Umno's political play despite being from the same family. It is like a case of killing their own siblings or their own parents to get what they want. So much for morality. But dont get me wrong here. I am only pinpointing their immoral politicking. I am no supporter of Ali Rustam or any of the low breed from Umno. Guilty of money politics yet remained The Chief Minister of Malacca. Umno boleh in Bodohland!!
That was exactly why I have not been blogging recently. More like getting sick of their childishness and arrogance.
Read RPK's view here..

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Fi-sha said...

Dear Mr Whisperer, same here too..i would wait till 'the storm in my mind and my heart disappear' before i write...but i am happy he's out - UMNO end is nigh!