Friday, June 6, 2008

checkmate... pakatan rakyat and rakyat?

The recent price hike by doing away with fuel subsidies is seen as a political maneouvre by this present Umno-led government to flex their muscles over the Oppositions and rakyat. But what is the primary intention behind this move?

With all those calls for our Prime Minister to step down from within and outside his party, Pak Lah knew that his power is fast diminishing, so is Khairy's dream of becoming the next Prime Minister. Something had to be done quickly. So came this idea of removing the fuel subsidies.

A drastic fuel hike would put more money into their dirty hands and bring about protests and demonstration from all walks of lives across the country. Any demonstration that may turn violent would give them a chance to enforce their draconian laws with an option to declare an emergency rule to stay in power. This is exactly what they are trying to induce to safeguard their position. That alone is enough to stop all the threats of power struggle from within and beyond.

However, if there is no untoward situation over the price hike, they will just ignore the pleas of the suffering rakyat and start to dip their dirty hands into the country's coffer and natural resources. At the end of the day, it is all about staying in power with the intention of enriching themselves.

So where does THIS all lead us? What options do we have? The PRICE of a solution can be devastating.

Let's wait and see what Anwar and Mahathir can do...


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