Tuesday, June 3, 2008

the wrath of man-made inflation...

Brace yourself for a drastic increase of 50% in fuel price!! Petrol price to be raise close to RM3.00 per litre, diesel at RM2.60 per litre and cooking gas at RM40.00 per 12 kilo tank by year end.
The wrath of inflation rears its ugly head and our government chose to do away with subsidies so that they can have more money to corrupt through the pretense of development where all their share of monies had already been factored into the cost of development.
Perhaps, the government should explain to the rakyat on the necessities of having these developments at this juncture and what are the benefits all these developments are going to bring to the country and the rakyat. As it is only appropriate for a government to invest into something that should be viable in term of profits and benefits to the country. Why would someone spent billions on infrastructure in Putrajaya and at the end of the day, it is not even generating enough revenue to finance the cost of borrowings. Worse still, more than half of the project cost have been channeled away through corruption as it was premeditated right from the beginning.
This was exactly what have been practised by Umno led government since the early 70s only to be made worse by Mahathir and Daim where they practically transferred the country's wealth to themselves through their cronies. We only have to look at those billionaires and multi-millionaires he created during his rule. If he can create so many super rich in others, what more can we say about he, himself and his family? Isn't it ironic to make all others rich and to keep none for yourself? How would his children accept his stupidity? Well, they didn't complain at all.

The present Umno led government continue with this method of enriching themselves with those launching of the multi billions overvalued corridors under the 9MP without bothering its viability and the financial capabilities of our country. Hence, these projects must go on in order for these money to reach their pockets.

And where do they find all those finances to lay down the infrastructure? Petronas's multi billion profit.. Yet they want to do away with fuel subsidies despite the fact we are still a net exporter of crude oil and gas. It doesn't take a Math genius to figure out the amount of money involved here.

This is what i called a man-made inflation. Man-made from the fact that projects have been marked up to the roof for their corrupt practice and make the rakyat pay for it by removing subsidies on top of all the taxes being imposed in the form of income taxes, sale and service taxes etc. etc. Not to mention all those tolls that have been imposed on us forcibly.

What's sickening is that these bastards try to mislead the rakyat by comparing our fuel price to that of our neighbors. Only fools like them would compare an apple to an orange. Why not compare us to Brunei or other net oil exporting countries?

In short, corruption is the main contributor to our country's inflation. Not to mention other destruction that come with it. Perhaps, i can categorize corruption into 2 categories. A managed corruption is whereby a government ventures itself into a viable project. A viable project that generates profit and out of every dollar made, 50 cents goes into their pocket in the form of corruption and the rest goes back to the country. I guess this form of corruption can be accepted as it is seen as a 'win-win' situation.
The next one will be a destructive corruption whereby a government ventures itself into a project with sole intention to corrupt right from the beginning regardless of its viability. The question of viabilty ceased to exists when the cost of project is been blown out of proportion to cover their corruptive purposes. This is what Umno led government have been doing for decades. MSC and Cyberjaya, Putrajaya, Twin Tower, KL Tower are fine examples and the list just goes on and on. At the end of the day, most of these projects turned out to be white elephants and further costs were injected just to maintain it. These further maintenance costs will be subjected to their corruptive practice again.

What Anwar offered during the 12th GE is not impossible. It's only a matter of sacrificing their greedy needs for the betterment of the country. Sad to see that this is not to be. Perhaps it is time for us all to rise again and push forward towards total reform before it's too late.


HopefulPessimist said...

a whopping 78 sen! can you believe it?

and you are right, they are trying to justify what they are doing by comparing us to other countries..

TheWhisperer said...

nina, nice to hear from you again. hope you re good.

drastic for sure. a savings of 13.7billion to the govt. 30% rebate back to rakyat and that will leaves them with a balance of 9b. guess where that money is going to. what about the petronas profits?

their corruptive practices are destroying our country. very evidently since march 8th that they dont have the country and the rakyat interests in mind.