Tuesday, June 3, 2008

a fight to the end... no holds barred !!

Spasm or Orgasm? Your choice!!!
R Shan in Malaysia Today
No!!! MT is not turning into a porn site, but just a figure of speech.

These words in paradox reflects the actual action of our society in coherent with their thinking. Spasm, because it is temporary, like a gossip only happens for the moment then it evaparates although most times the gossip is true.

Gossip here, there, everywhere. Today you hear it in the "Kedai Mamak", it dies off, then you hear it from the pathfinders, it dies off, then you actually face it, it does not die off, you find a way to solve it –ie your action to solve your immediate problem at least for yourself. You are able to do it, but what about the society and what are their choices in a dismantled system?

We can't be summer soldiers and sunshine patriots forever if we were to reach orgasm for our society.

Orgasm is ecstasy; there more you have it, the more you want it. Orgasm for our society is honestly, truth, justice and fairness. It is an everlasting process and struggle that we need to act collectively for the society that we live it on long term basis and not intermittently to create a truly Malaysian society.

If we continue to fall prey to individual needs, to allow the make shift administration dictate with the fear of system and punishment, then we are definitely in a spasm state. Our mass resignation in believing in the dogma of democracy on a superficial public level defeats one's believe in private but we continue to practice it trying very hard to achieve the orgasm.

Today, the latest edition of "Drama Minggu Ini", we have Petra Branca, Dr. M with his tit for tat with Param on who is the racist, whether Anwar can muster enough support to overturn the government, whether the PM will be toppled, VVIP wives spending spree, some moronic nonsense on OSA for highway concession seems to be at helm. Do these elected representatives even know what the actual purpose of an OSA is and why it was created but rather continue to underestimate and undermine our knowledge and intelligence on the pretext of public interest and national security?

Everything and anything is charaded either for personal gain, to maintain control or to serve as an eye wash for the action free society. What good are all these if we, the People can see through these melodrama but unable to act in unison to make a change? Look at March 8, 2008, the change almost happened but what good is almost when it is nothing.Same shit, different day.

At least the Cheras residents were ready to act to show the supremacy of People Power although blood sacrificies were made. We are all vunerable for the risk we take, but the risk is worth the take if it can create the peace and prosperity amongst us and for the future generation of Malaysian by acting in unison.

Today, the man made law and order in Malaysia only serves the elected representative for their orgasm. What is the use of the law and order if it does not serve us, the society!!. Whose fault is it? It is us, as we continue to ponder and not act in unison.

We need many more Malaysian to come forward and act proactivelty, if we the society seek the orgasm. It wil then show that we, the People rule, not some melodrama, illogical and obsolete thinking to serve those whom we elected to serve us. Law and order is man made but natural law is what is good for the society we live in for the society - ie natural law that cuts across race, religion, , creed and individual believing as long the society benefits and all are treated equally to create a peaceful and harmonious society.

Our private believes is as powerful and potent provided only if we are willing to act collectivelty to achieve the orgasm rather than a moral justisfication for selfishness.

Don't let me haunt you with your own spasm but rather what we can do to enhance a Malaysian society for an orgasm. Your weapon is your action not just thinking about it. We need action to show that we, the People rule, condition ourselves to act and decide how Malaysia should be as oppose to being dictated for fear of oppression and persecution. Sow a thought of orgasm for the society as oppose to individual spasm, it will then translate an act that reap a habit and the habit transmits into your character and that transpires into the destiny for the well being of a Malaysian society for us and the future generations.

Need an example? see how, it started with Bersih, and thereon people started rallying for their plight for betterment of governance of the society in different aspects of the society. That is an act.

Today, in Malaysia, articles, bloggers, the so called ultra vires groups have preached the injustice and the truthness in their message but what happens, it is just a spasm for the moment. It does not surprise me nor it should you?, that most people abhor such things as they would not be disturbed in our comfortable lives and rather wait for the White Knight in some form rushing in a shining armor and rescue us from our spasm for an orgasm. Don't ask me, ask yourself?

Nonetheless, I would say that the White Knight needs us to act. The White Knights are there and they continue to show us the path, but we still fall short to act by our collective action. No magic wand or miraculous act will prevail, until we, the society collectively act to stop all this nonsense. Period!!!!

We, as the society need to act and reconstruct ourselves to unleash our minds from our own complacency, nonchalant attitude for the spasm we seek individually as oppose to the orgasm for the society. The pathfinders with their sacrificies have done their job consciously and conspicuously in their quest and will continue to do so, but until and when we actually individually can act in a collective manner, it is just another spasm.

The hegemony of a single coalition for over 50 years had constricted the democracy participation and created diversion between the society and fundamental individual rights. To homogenize, we need to see beyond color, creed, religion, race and following. We in Malaysia have been through the process throughout our lives but we continue to allow ruling administration to dictate our thoughts based on this. Why? The simple answer is it is easier to divide and rule and it serves their orgasm. It is not them or the system but we, the society continue to live with the feeling of helplessness and powerlessness for our own spasm or what is being disseminated to enables them dictate at their pleasure without our unification.

We need to unify in our act, as thoughts alone will not suffice. Unification does not mean homogenization. There can still remain all the variety of religions, cultures and races, and even greater variety may develop, but homogenization here is about being just and fair to the society that we live it and only then we can achieve orgasm.

Frankly, nobody is to be blamed for a purported reconstructed society after the colonization unless and until, we individually seek a change for the need of the society that we intend to create and partake in it actively by our act in unification.

Restoration of a society is another aspect that begs the question for us Malaysian. The society had been dissected for the glory of the few, look back and see why this has happened. It was and had been a great society, and today look at the state of affairs!!!. Don't allow our individual spasm dictate what a real Malaysian society is all about and despair easily in our struggle. Malaysia is, and will be a great society again and let's work hand in hand in restoring it with our act in unison.

Entitlement of the ruling administration is an authority cloth and dressed by the society. This entitlement is insignificant if the, the People choose otherwise. This entitlement and authority can only be questioned and challenged if we seek the orgasm and the not the spasm. People are the ruler so let's act upon it to restore our society.

People Power will only prevail if there is action from the People. Yes–it is not risk free but worth the cause if orgasm is what we seek for our society irrespective of color, creed, religion, race and following. See it as a Malaysian agenda and nothing else.

Do you feel in your heart and soul that everything thing is being a Malaysian, my people irrespective of the race, religion, creed and following. Honesty, truthness and justice in ourselves and conduct of the ruling administration is only possible if it first resides in our heart and soul to act to uphold what is just and fair for our society.

When you discover another it is wisdom, but when you discover yourself it is enlightenment beyond your imagination because there is the element of honesty, truth and justice. I think we are ready for it now to act for the society.

The society needs the faith in each one of us as we embark to seek to create a Malaysian society, and by your individual uninhibited act for truthness, fairness and justice, and faith, the destiny of a just and fair Malaysia is confirmed.

Let's mature and define it as a Malaysian cause and move to the next stage by activitely participating in whichever productive way we can for our Malaysian society.

Are we racist? Yes, we all should be a Malaysian racist across the board irrespective of religion, race, creed or following. It is our country, our people who are suffering due to these demented authorities, and that is all that matters!!!. Why do we allow these clowns to toy with us? You see, racistism is a man made definition, but it comes in many forms and it all eventually transforms into humanity. The question that begs an anwer is how do you see it for youself, a spasm or an orgasm for a Malaysia for Malaysian?

Our perpetual indulgence on what has been, or what it will become, or what we think of is futile unless we act upon it. We need your personal action for the orgasm, not a spasm, for the change to happen in Malaysia.

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