Friday, June 13, 2008

unbelievable bullshits continue to rain in malaysia..

Here i am back again after taking a few days off to dedicate my mind and time to more important matters that evolve around my complicated life. It is indeed a tiring process trying to organise and arrange everything to where it suppose to belong. Yet it continues to linger on. Guess this is part and parcel of living through a life trying to give the best to everybody that matter to your life.

What caught my attention during my absence was this piece of junk news coming out from our Prime Minister's shit hole about belt tightening that can save the country MYR 2 Billion. So we, the rakyat should feel consoled by this so-called belt tightening process. Is that the best they can do? And this amount saved is only 10% of their total expenditure and all they have to do is sacrifice some of their travelling perks while most of the rakyat have their decent meals been snatched away from their dining table just with one stroke of a drastic fuel hike. Imagine those hardcore poor where their normal diet mainly consists a plate of white rice with a piece of microscopic cut salted fish and some sambal. How are they going to cope with further inflation caused by this drastic fuel hike? Who is going to highlight the plights of these hardcore poor's?

Then today we have this Zeta... er.. Zeti... (whoever the f**k she is), commenting that it is Still too early to see the impact of this recent fuel hike. What a numb-skull our country have for a central bank governor!! I questioned her eligibility for many years and she continues to prove my gut instinct right. Just another fine example of 'Malays supremacy' creation. Inflation rate at 4% and our country's GDP growth at 7% announced right before election. What a sick joke!! Those doctored piece of statistic does not even tally with reality. Every man in the street can come out with a more realistic statistic. Inflation 17% with GDP growth of barely 4%. Of course, that is just an estimate but at least it is more realistic than their lies.
I look down from my office window and the vicinity around KLCC is still quiet. They must have set up roadblocks to stop people from taking part in the fuel hike demonstration. Nevertheless, i believe our comrades will find their way here one way or another.
And last night we had our police idiots telling everybody to stay away from PKR's 100 days celebration in Shah Alam as there was no permit issued to this event so it is deemed illegal. Hello... all you bastards!!! Show us some consistency in issuing permits. Did Umno apply for any permit for their f**king assembly? And what about the 2000 odds idiots who gathered in Johor when Mahathir was instigating racial remarks? So what's wrong with this State of Selangor government's celebration? It just doesn't make sense at all.
I am getting more pissed by the day and started to feel threatened by all the actions taken so far by the administration and it's henchmen (police force). It surely looked like we do have a 'Mafia rule' practised by this present administration.
To Hell With All of You!!

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