Thursday, June 5, 2008

some justification... all malaysians are fools...

See, we are still cheap as compared to others.. and we Malaysians must be retarded to the eyes of these hypocrites. A savings of 13.7 billion Malaysians dollars to be managed by those corrupted idiots. Might as well consider it burnt. I have doubt whether my cheque of 625 will ever reach me.

No corruption? Hello.. Talk to my d**khead lah! How do you explain the 6.9M spent on each NS trainee so far and all they get is a few sets of uniform plus a few months of so-called training. On top of that, you cant even guarantee their well being. Want more? Just go around the blogosphere and you will find more exposure by our Math geniuses applying simple arithmetic on their version of so-called justifications over their policies.

What's next when the 13.7B disappear within a month or two? Another hike? Since the 12th GE, there have been no positive sign from this corrupted administration except for all their abuses of power and those negative actions pointing to further destruction of the country for their selfish need for money. There is totally no concern shown to the welfare of the rakyat.

Those bastards knew it yet they chose to ignore it. Yeah true.. so what if all these are true? 'What can you do' seems to be the message to all of us.. the rakyat!!

Lets see what we can do...

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