Thursday, June 19, 2008

silly accusation, unwarranted criticism..

How ironic people can be? A generous RM10 million move by the Penang State government as payout to 100,000 poor families can be construed by certain quarters as Bribery. I just cant imagine these people can actually stooped so low to make these unwarranted criticism towards a 'caring' move by the state government.

What is wrong with helping the poor to alleviate some of their miseries following the oil hike? It is actually the federal government responsibility to safeguard the welfare of its citizens so that none of its citizens would be deprive of their daily basic needs. And while our federal government chose to further burdened the rakyat for reason of their selfish need to Corrupt, it is indeed a generous and appropriate move by the state government to see to the welfare of its poor. A RM100 per poor family may be small in quantum but it certainly helps to put a week of decent meals on their table.

Let this be the eye opener to all the rakyat across the nation to witness and differentiate just by doing a simple comparison on the administration of the federal government and that of Penang state government. Which administration would we prefer? The choice is Obvious..

Do we need more precedents to push for a Change?

Over to those MPs who have our country at heart... JUMP NOW!!

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