Monday, January 12, 2009

Najib Trying To Retain KT Through Police Intimidation...

Now the picture is clearer. Why the huge police presence? Barisan Nasional doesn't have any issue to harp on for this by-election. All they have to do is just to explain their actions to the voters. And even that, they cannot do it without telling lies. Najib knew that he is fighting a losing battle as the people are more mature and aware now. Even their controlled MSM failed miserably in trying to disillusion the voters by playing up non issues and spinning lies from truth.
So, the only option left for Najib is dirty tricks. And this time, the police force is tasked with this duty to be carry out all his dirty tricks. Disagree? Then how do you explain these:-

1) DAP has been ordered to close its operations centre by order of the Menteri Besar. The Bandaraya officers are currently at the DAP centre engaged in a heated argument with YB Ronnie Liu

2) All Primula Park Royal Beach Resort staff who are registered voters have been ordered by the Chairman to hand over copies of their identity cards. Primula is a state government-owned hotel in Kuala Terengganu.

3) DAP and PKR have been ordered to take down all their flags.

4) Unknown people have been discovered as 'registered voters' in various homes in Kuala Terengganu. The house owners are perturbed that strangers have been registered as voters using their home addresses.

5) The police have questioned the committee members of a private club in Kuala Terengganu where RPK was invited over for drinks as a guest of one of the members. The club has been warned to not allow RPK into the club again.

On top of that, why the double standard practice in issuing ceramah permit by the police? Why others need to apply for permit while Umno doesn't? And they just blatantly reject all those applications on 'technical' grounds. More like trying to sabotage others campaign trails through their police dogs.
Please do expect more especially from the police. Najib planted 6000 - 7000 of them there for some purposes and he is getting very frustrated now as the feedback continues to elude him. I hope he keeps his sanity intact.
I remained confident of a Pakatan Rakyat win. Even more so now as their stupidity act of arrogance continues to sway more support towards our side. The champagne is chilled and ready...

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Antares said...

The Whisperer said: "[Najib] is getting very frustrated now as the feedback continues to elude him. I hope he keeps his sanity intact."

Actually, it would be much more entertaining if Pink Lips completely loses his marbles at KT. The Greeks used to say: "Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad."