Sunday, January 11, 2009

We Must Not Forget Batu Burok Incident... Samseng Betul!!

At a press conference well attended by foreign Press today, PAS vice-president Mustafa Ali claimed that Senator Wan Mohd Farid Wan Salleh, political secretary to the Internal Security Minister (who is also the Prime Minister), was involved in the "pre-planning" to spark the incident. Same guy? BN candidate?

PAS also claimed that the (Federal Reserve Unit) FRU officer who shot two of its party members was one of several agent provocateurs in plain clothes -- he wore red ribbon as identifier to colleagues -- who prompted police action last Saturday night.

However, Mohd Farid denied his involvement, stating an alibi. Quote:

“I don’t know about any plan. At the time of the rioting, I was chairing a Kuala Terengganu Umno division meeting. I was not involved. The allegations are wrong. I dare to swear by it,” he said. Swear by the Quran? Not again!

Meanwhile, there was also dispute over the number of live bullets fired -- Police said only one, while PAS said more than one was shot.

Drawing press attention to the fact that two men were now being treated for gun wounds -- Suwandi Abdul Ghani, 37, was shot in the chest while Muhamad Azman Aziz, 21, was shot in the neck -- DAP central executive committee member Ronnie Liu questioned:

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