Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kugan's Final Journey: A Message From The People...

The mainstream media can spin what they want with regard to the crowd. There were at least 2000 people from all walks out there yesterday.
We were there not only to give Kugan a dignified final journey but also to get this message to the government that WE, The People, want the Police Act to be abolished and we want Kugan's murderers to be sent to Hell. We also want the Selangor state CPO, IGP and the Home Ministry to be held liable for this barbaric murder. The People is saying Enough is Enough to those Abuses of Power by the police force.
Anak Bangsa Malaysia Grouping At Binary College

I could not provide further pix here as my camera battery decided to fail me at the wrong moment. When we reached the junction heading toward the Hindu cemetery, there were about 200 people gathered there waiting for the arrival of the hearse. We were accepted by them with ease as all of us shared the same cause. The same euphoric spirit can be felt when the Hindraf took the street on Nov 25th which jolted the people from their slumber and brought about the March 8th election victory. This is another one of those moments but only to be marred with Kugan's death..

Detailed report and pix by The Barisan Rakyat Bloggers Bro Pete and Brother DelCapo here.And Bro Stephen too...

Rest In Peace Anak Bangsa Malaysia, Kugan and my condolences to his family.


Anonymous said...

nice pics,bro.
very sad day for us Rakyat to lose another soul at the hand of those who suppose to protect us.


amdeesidik said...

Good job here-we've been cheated by our leaders far too long-telling us all the nice things when they didn't walk the talk, what then are we waiting for