Friday, January 2, 2009

The Whisperer's take on Kuala Terengganu (KT) By-Election...

So, what is going to matter in this coming KT by-election? Hudud? Or the surprise PAS candidate? Neither as far as The Whisperer is concerned!

Hudud have been in existence way longer than the Ketuanan Melayu thingy. Why should Hudud matter now when it didn't materialize till this day. It's just another cheap political propaganda.

It is neither the choice of candidate that is going to make the difference. This by-election is all about the swing in the mind-set of the rakyat in general.

Yeah, it is all about Barisan Rakyat bloggers. The Barisan Rakyat bloggers had made the difference during the 12th GE and since March 8th, the administration have been making mistakes after mistakes through their arrogance and their highhanded power abuses. All these mistakes of theirs gave more mileage and credibility to the Barisan Rakyat bloggers. So much so that the general majority of the rakyat are much more aware now.

And for that simple deduction, The Whisperer is confident that this by-election is going to go to the Pakatan Rakyat. Time to boycott the mainstream media again.

And for my fellow brothers and sisters of Barisan Rakyat bloggers who will be there in numbers to make their presence felt, I wish you all a safe and fruitful journey. The Whisperer shall join all of you there from the 14th onwards.

It is Time to March Forward! Say No to Najib!


Ismail Hakim said...

The KT Byelection should be test of PAS's mandate in Pakatan Rakyat.

PAS candidate should be asked this question:

Which comes first, the defence of the Federal Constitution that Malaysia is a secular state or its goal of setting up an Islamic State which is ultra vires to the articles of the Federal Constitution

OR: Will PAS defend the Federal Constitution against the formation of an Islamic State.

PAS knows it needs 2/3 majority to change the Federal Constitution. Under PR, there is no way that non Muslims voters would allow the formation of the Islamic State.

Which means: PAS is hoodwooking its PAS base in Trengganu and Kelantan that PAS CAN establish an Islamic State. PAS is leading on its base supporters with unachievable goals for the sake of winning votes. That is UNISLAMIC.

PAS can govern fairly as shown in Kelantan WITHOUT pushing for an Islamic state.

So when PAS insists on the Islamic State as its mandate, it goes against the Federal Constitution.

The REJECTION of PAS in the KT byelection is on its stand on the Islamic state and its support of Huddud laws.

Thus, between UMNO's ketuanan melayu and PAS Islamic state, the latter is the worse of the two options.

Anonymous said...

Agree that the bloggers have done a good job of spreading the news. But why Barisan Blogger? Can't find a better name? It sounds so BN!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Better to call it Pakatan Blogger. Just like you are either a barisan supporter or a PAKATAN SUPPORTER ok?

TheWhisperer said...

Anonymous, thank you for your suggestion. I ll try to get my big brothers to come out with a better name to address ourselves.

Meanwhile, lets not make a fuss out of Barisan or Pakatan as We would like to be associated with The Rakyat and not with any political party.

In other words, We blog for The Country's and The People's interest.

tsunami said...

Mr. Whisperer, the trademark should be, Rakyat or People's Bloggers. Just a suggestion.