Monday, January 12, 2009

Our Weekly Malam Mesra Rakyat Marred By Police Batallion...

Selangor State Owned Private Property: MBPJ

I could not make it for last night vigil but I was told that the police were there in full force to disband our peaceful vigil gathering. Imagine the OCPD himself was there with his fully geared FRU dogs. Numbering about 200 just to tackle some 50 odd peaceful vigilers while crime remained rampant throughout the state. Makes me wonder the kind of police force we have in this country. And the kind of Home Minister we have. For heaven sake, all of you are paid to fight crimes and not make a criminal out of peaceful vigilers. Go get your fucking priorities right. Is this what Barisan Nasional government is all about? Oppress and supress! Then We Must Bring Them Down!! So, Here's to All KT folks, Please Help Us Help You Bring Them Down!!

DelCapo Standing In
I ll let these pictures taken by Pat Lu narrate what actually transpired last night:

What Are They Trying To Prove Here? Police State?

Yet again, Anak Anak Bangsa Malaysia proved themselves last night just by continuing to be civilize as compared Umno sponsored Pro-ISA demonstration and perhaps, to this bunch of police dogs itself. The Whisperer apologized for not being able to walk among you and my heartiest Salute to All of You out there last night.


-naga- said...

Crime is rampant all over the country but our cowardly police only have time to catch vigilers..

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Being absent, you still can make an impact with your post! ;) Yang

Pat Lu said...

Watch the videos at :)

LChuah said...

Shocked at what happened and sorry I couldn't attend that night. Wasn't well and also nursing a wrenched ankle. Hope I could be with you all this coming Sunday. Take care, dear friends, and keep the faith.