Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Reunion Night For Anak Bangsa Malaysia: A Comeback With Style...

Last Sunday, we held our reunion vigil despite weeks of intimidation by our lawless police force under the helm of Home Minister Syed Hamid, IGP Musa Hassan and CPO Khalid. Last Sunday wasn't any different. Those running dogs of theirs were there waiting and ready to pounce on us at where we always gathered.They knew that we would vigil in solidarity with PKR's anti-Gaza vigil but they were restricted in the presence of our YBs. It would have been a different picture if we have gather at our usual place. The bottomline is that We Made A Comeback each time and this time we made it with style.
Yes, it was another good vigil. It was a mixture of old and new faces plus those recognizing support from anti-Gaza vigilers. There were continous rings of cheers to lighten up the already carnival-like atmosphere. Mansuh! Mansuh! Mansuhkan ISA! Hidup! Hidup! Hidup Rakyat! I estimated the crowd to be in the region of 500-600, with many more inside the auditorium. Fantastic mood all around. More at People's Parliament.

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Antares said...

Highly uplifting report, Dude, thanks! :-)