Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Over RM 6 Billion In Oil Royalty In 8 Years And What Happened?

Living Conditions In The Heart Of Kuala
Terengganu Under BN Government.

Rundown Homes Without Proper Roads

RM 6.4B purportedly paid as oil royalty to the Terengganu State government and what did our anak anak Terengganu get? A overpriced Crystal Mosque and a yearly Monsoon Cup to feast the corrupted appetite of those walking the corridors of power while anak anak Terengganu continues to live in such a sorry state. This is taken in the state capital itself. Imagine those on the outskirt.
Note: Above pics stolen from Haris's blog. More pics HERE.



Antares said...

Right on, bro! We're in this together - LET'S PUSH FOR REGIME CHANGE! :-)

Argus Eye said...

They're gonna start pumping in now. Especially when the Battle of KT is dubbed as the test of Najib's popularity. Im sure his capacity as a Finance Minister would help even more now..haha

Anonymous said...

dude, dont forget that terengganu was once under PAS..Pas brings no development to terengganu..

Anonymous said...

The last time this kind of thing happened, it became the French Revolution.

Maybe. we bring back the guillotine.

HarbX said...

When Terengganu was under PAS, the federal government practically killed off the funding to the state level government.

Most of the oil royalties goes back to the federal level. Think before you whack!

Pat Lu said...

Here are a video on what's really happening on the ground...

Episode 2: A Poor Man's Tale -- Before and After Elections...
(In Pekan, Najib's constituency)


More videos of The REAL Malaysia here:

jeffrey said...

This is Malaysian style Apartied when an oil producing states like Trengganu with a population of 1,080,286 (2006 census)and yet we sees extreme poverty and hardship.

What Wawasan 2020 are the previous administration talking about?

BN/UMNO had rob and rape ordinary Malaysians left right center and front.. and they did the same thing to our 200million years old Rainforest. Look at how our Forest Reserved being de gazetted with one stroke of a pen by the state's respective MBs. Even those Forest Reserved gazzeted before Merdeka are being plundered for their hardwood timbers and the land sold to their cronies for housing developments.
More forest are being destroy in Sabah and Sarawak by the Gomen and its cronies for its timber and is this the legacy we are going to leave for our next generation? A tropical country devoid of natural RAINFORESTS.