Tuesday, February 3, 2009

No By-Election In Perak: No Big Deal...

Courtesy of Mkini

The Election Commission today announced that by-elections are not necessary for the state seats of Changkat Jering and Behrang as there are doubts over the resignation letters said to have been submitted by the elected representatives. Read all here..
So what is the big forking deal here? The Election Commission is just another of their slimy worm. All is not lost as far as I am concerned. And since Najib has taken over from Tajol Rosli, The Whisperer thinks that Perak MB should dissolve the State Assembly and call for a fresh state election. This is the best opportunity for The People to send the message across to Najib that We do not want him to be our next Prime Minister and at the same time, weed out all the unqualified and suspicious state assemblyman from the Pakatan Rakyat ruling coalition and to be replaced with people with people-oriented calibre.
MB Mohamad Nisar, kindly consider my suggestion here.
Perhaps, Pak Lah might want to consider taking this to higher plateau by calling for a snap election. With the recent polling on Haris's blog and the consensus on the drastic drop in Najib's popularity by Merdeka Review, it is high time to inflict the final blow on this badly tainted politician. Why not? Afterall, he is the one behind all the sabotages which made Pak Lah's tenure as PM miserable.
Need more reasons? How about this and this?
Pak Lah, for your love to the country and the people, please take this opportunity and do us a favor and call for a snap election to stop this rot once and for all.
This shall be the last appeal made to you from Anak Anak Bangsa Malaysia. Your last chance to right the wrongs and go down gracefully in history...


Antares said...


But I doubt he's got what it takes.

Anonymous said...

At a time when the Rakyat are facing financial difficulties from the global economic turmoil, the politicians and governors are still fighting for power and selfish gains. Pakatan in Perak, please get your act right and stop becoming like a BN!

Call for a snap elections and let the Rakyat of Perak decide who they want to govern their state. If Pakatan has been fair in pursing their promises to the Rakyat, they need not fear of losing support!