Monday, February 16, 2009

Why So Much Fuss Over The Poll Date... Just Bring Them On Anytime, Anywhere...

Pakatan coalition cant be serious if they expect the Election Commission dogs to remain fair when it comes to making a decision on polling date for by-election. The manner the EC chairman rejected those Perak's state assemblymen resignation letters is already a tell tale sign that our EC is not independent and will never be independent for as long as the present administration remain in power. That's the rotting system that we have been manifested with for decades.
For god sake, stop all the barking and look to the ground for signs. All the available signs and the sentiment after the Perak fiasco point towards a Pakatan sweep in the coming by-elections. No wonder Brother RPK rapped all of you for lacking foresightedness.
Will you people just concentrate on what is to come and prepare yourselves for one of the dirtiest by-election by the ever desperate Najis.

With the current sentiment, The Whisperer is confident of victories in these two coming by-election. To make matter worse for Najib, this time both victories will come with an even bigger majority. Najib's track record for by-election will be a total whitewash since Permatang Pauh except for his hostile coup d'etat over the Perak state government if we really have to take that into consideration. Even so, that does not justify his qualification to be our Prime Minister. Not to mention all other past cases that implicate him.. Sukhoi, Scorpene, Eurocopter and perhaps, Altantuya and many many more.
These by-election shall serve as a referendum to those in power and shall be taken as the people has spoken. Suara Rakyat, Suara Keramat. It would be a grave mistake to ignore this Voice. Any attempt to bulldoze their way with power abuses would spell further destruction to the Umno already rotten image.

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